Bird survey at Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

Bird survey at Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary



Ralamandal wildlife sanctuary is conducting birds survey in sanctuary area for each season. It means that total 4 surveys are conducted in every year to assess the birds population and to understand the migration pattern of birds.According to latest survey, bird species count is down to 78 from 82 species in last survey. In recent survey many of the migratory birds, noted in first survey of the year, were missing due to their migratory nature. At the same time, surprisingly 18 new species were recorded in survey. It is mainly due to change in climatic condition. Generally the population of birds, at a time in sanctuary area, depends upon many factors like climatic condition, prevailing temperature, humidity, rainfall condition, presence of food etc. Generally overall population increases in winters and falls in summers.

Survey Team

These type of surveys are conducted by team, formed by forest officials. People from various background participates in such surveys. In such teams, we can find wildlife enthusiasts, naturalists, wildlife photographers, bird-watchers, zoologists, students etc. They offer their services due to their personal interest in such work and thus they also gain vital knowledge and experience through such surveys. At the same time management authorities gain valuable data to understand the birds presence, migratory nature, breeding season, conservation status etc. On the basis of such survey reports, future plans were drawn in a particular direction.


As per a forest ranger, 23 birds species are commonly seen in the sanctuary. As per Shrikant Kalamkar, a birding enthusiast, Madhya Pradesh is a stronghold of many critically endangered species of vultures. endangered Lesser Florican, Black-bellied Tern, Forest Owlet, Indian Skimmer, Sarus Crane etc. Through such surveys, effective conservation planning can be done at right time and place.

Some of the new species found in season-2 survey, at Ralamandal wildlife sanctuary are:

Pied Cuckoo Grey-bellied Cuckoo Common Hawk Cuckoo Crested Bunting
Rock Eagle Owl Indian Pitta Painted Francolin Sirkeer Malkoha
Indian Spot Bill Duck Asian Paradise Flycatcher    

How to visit Ralamandal

Ralamandal wildlife sanctuary is located close to Indore city. It is just 13 kms south-east of Indore city thus a good nature tourism destination for local citizens of Indore. Here night safari option will be soon availed to wildlife lovers so that they can enjoy the nature tourism, even after completion of their day duties. Ralamandal wildlife sanctuary visit can also be made part of Indore city tour. Tourists coming from other cities of India or countries, may include its visit in their local sightseeing plan.