Butterfly Survey at Ratapani Wildlife Survey

Butterfly Survey at Ratapani Wildlife Survey



Here we would like to share update on recently concluded butterfly survey at Ratapani wildlife sanctuary. For those who don't know much about Ratapani forest may note that it is located at 40kms south-west of Bhopal city in Madhya Pradesh, India. It is the same forest in which UNESCO World Heritage site Bheembetka Rock Shelters are located. It is an pre-historic landscape on Satpura hills rich in rock painting sites. Here authorities conducted survey on butterfly species, found in this forest to prepare and update their data. We all know that butterflies have their own importance in ecological cycle. They act as natural pest controling agent which we usually do by using pesticides thus their conservation is necessary.

Butterfly Survey

In this survey, more than 90 wildlife experts from 13 different states had participated. They were divided into 34 teams and traversed through 60 forest trails to collect their data which includes written data as well as photographic data. Organizations like Wild Warriors and Tinsa Foundation were engaged in this survey. As per initial reports, during this survey approx. 55 butterfly species were recorded by team members. Butterfly experts were divided into small teams so that they each team will cover their trail. This will save their time and more data can be collected. During this survey, some of the butterfly species recorded are like Plain Tiger, Danaid Eggfly, Great Eggfly, Blue Pansy, Chocolate Pansy, Gram blue, Common Gull, Common Jezebel, Baronet, Grass Yellow etc. Benefit of such survey is that it helps in updated of data and to know the current status. As per these reports, further plans will be drawn on conservation of butterflies.