Full-day Safari in Pench Maharashtra

Full-day Safari in Pench Maharashtra



This blog is about announcement of full-day safari at Pench national park, laying in Maharashtra state. It is a new safari initiative which will allow guests to explore the forest for whole day which means more chance to explore the forest and get better wildlife photographs and videos. This initiative was taken to boost up the safari tourism at Pench national park in Maharashtra. Demand for full-day safaris is increasing and count of visitors, interested in wildlife and photography is consistently increasing.

How to book

This can be booked through the official booking website of Pench Maharashtra. It initial safari timing is 6:20 AM till 6:30 PM. This will be operated through Khursapar, Sillari, Chorbahuli core gates and Nagalwadi buffer zones. As per initial announcement full day safari cost will be 30000 INR. which includes permit fee, vehicle fee and guide fee. In this booking mode, only 2 jeeps will be allowed from each entry gates i.e. 2 from Khursapar gate, 2 from Sillari gate and 2 from Chorbahuli gates. This cost is from entry gate which means if you call the safari vehicle for hotel pick & drop, then you have to pay additional charges, as per distance from entry gate. Here tourists have to bring there own water bottles, pack lunch as duration is long and they will required something to eat and drink.