Namaste Orchha in Madhya Pradesh

Namaste Orchha in Madhya Pradesh



Recently Namaste Orchha event was organized in Orchha destination of Madhya Pradesh. As we all know that Orchha is a popular scenic heritage tourism destination in northern Madhya Pradesh. It was 03 day festival, from 06/Mar/2020 to 08/Mar/2020 in which various events were organized and offered to visitors. Among those events, some of the prominent events were Heritage walk, Yoga sessions, River Rafting on Betwa river, visit to Orchha wildlife sanctuary, Nature walk, Photography walks, Food Bazaar, Folk Dance, Camping, Cycling tour, Bird-watching etc. For VIP and luxury guests, they had arranged helicopter rides also. It was first time that MPSTDC has organized an exclusive 03 day event, dedicated for Orchha tourism. So far we have seen similar destination promotion events in Hanuwantiya, Khajuraho, Gwalior etc. This time, they have selected Orchha for this tourism promotion event.

Why Orchha

As we all know that northern Madhya Pradesh is rich in heritage buildings and monuments and also close from Delhi city which is a gateway for India tourism thus here we have large scope for heritage tourism promotion. At the same time, this region of Central India is part of Bundelkhand region which is known for its arid climatic conditions, poverty, unemployment and rocky landscapes. Here agricultural productivity is poor thus seasonal migration is common in educated youth, in search of job. Thus heritage tourism, wildlife tourism and village tourism is a ray of hope in progress of this region. State government and tourism department, recognized these long pending challenges and tried to took some steps to improve tourism in this region with hope to generate more job opportunities in tourism sector. Orchha is a small township, one time capital city of Bundela rulers, on the bank of Betwa river. Here variety of monuments and ancient buildings are present, in comparatively good condition like fort, palaces, cenotaphs, temples, river bank, wildlife sanctuary etc. It is the only place where Lord Rama is seen as King Rama and state level honor is provided to him. Combination of so many attractions at one place is amazing and thus such a destination need proper support and promotion so that it will reach to maximum number of tourists.

Effect of Namaste Orchha

It was the first event of Namaste Orchha which attracted attention of large number of tourists, travel agencies, tourism department of different states, bloggers, tour operators. They are now talking about Orchha tourism and possible tour plans which includes Orchha as one of the prime destination. As Orchha is well connected by train and two important airports i.e. Gwalior Airport and Khajuraho Airport are close to it so it can easily be included in any tour plan. Promotion of Orchha tourism will not only promote this township but will also help in promotion of surrounding tourist destinations like Chanderi, Datia, Jhansi, Shivpuri, Madhav National Park, Panna tiger reserve, Garh Kundar etc. Organizing such event has developed a feeling for preservation of our heritage treasures, local culture among local citizens. Inclusion of Orchha in UNESCO World Heritage sites list is a longtime demand and Namaste Orchha will help in representing this destination as more strong contender for inclusion in this list.