Panaarpani Zone in Satpura National Park

Panaarpani Zone in Satpura National Park



As we all know that Central India region is popular for its wildlife. Here vast area of Madhya Pradesh state is covered with natural forest. Presence of two important parallel mountain ranges i.e. Satpura range and Vindhya range provides ideal region to maintain these forest, since many centuries. All most popular tiger reserves of India are located on the forest areas of these mountain ranges like Bandhavgarh, Kanha Tiger Reserve, Satpura Tiger Reserve, Pench Tiger Reserve, Panna Tiger Reserve etc. Presence of such popular tiger reserves in these ranges emphasis their importance in wildlife of India. Here we are sharing some latest developments on Satpura Tiger Reserve, which comprises Satpura national park, Bori Wildlife Sanctuary and Pachmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary.

Panaarpani Zone

Recently online safari permits booking has began for all popular tiger reserves of Madhya Pradesh state. This includes Satpura Tiger Reserve also. As per latest development, Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh, has opened new Core zone in Satpura Tiger Reserve and its name was given an “Panaarpani Safari Zone”. Its entrance is close from Pachmarhi hill station thus it is great relief for tourists, visiting Pachmarhi to enjoy eco tourism. Till now, those visiting Pachmarhi and wish to undertake jungle safari, they have to travel 100kms from Pachmarhi to Madhai as entrance gate is only from here. But with creation of Panaarpani zone and its entrance gate, it is now very much convenient for Pachmarhi based tourists to reach the entrance gate (17-19kms) and under jungle safari drive in core zone of Satpura National Park. For this you need to just book online permit, in advance, hire gypsy from Pachmarhi do the safari, in company of trained guide. Safari tickets booking for this zone is already open. Actual safaris will begin from 01-Oct-2019. As per our information, as if now, Pachmarhi based Forest Department ticket counter will be used for gypsy booking and guide service but with the passage of time, when this zone will gain popularity, Forest Department will develop some counter at entrance gate and new wildlife resorts may develop in nearby village areas. As safari vehicle will come from Pachmarhi, covering additional distance, so it is possible that safari charges will be higher in compare to Madhai gate safari. Local gypsy union, in consultation with park management, will take final decision in this regard. As if now here 7 vehicles will enter in morning round and 07 vehicles will enter in Evening round. As per rule, this zone will remain closed for safaris on Every Wednesday (evening round only).

How to reach

This gate will lies on the route for Pipariya to Pachmarhi. Travel distance from Pipariya to Panaarpani gate is approx 30 kms and from Pachmarhi to Panarpani gate is approx. 18 kms. Figure may slightly vary, as per your hotel location in Pachmarhi. Many of us have already seen this gate, on this route and may be went unnoticed, where a tiger statue is positioned and tourists often take stopover for selfie or photographs.