Sirpur Butterfly Park

Sirpur Butterfly Park




Indore in Madhya Pradesh is often referred as industrial capital of state. At the same time city is popular for its cleanliness and bag Here local people are nature lovers thus we can find huge crowd in local gardens and natural sites. Zoological park of Indore is already known to the world. Now Indore city will gain popularity due to its latest nature tourism attraction called "Sirpur Butterfly Garden of Indore". It is a water tank at south-west of city, where authorities had tried to develop a butterfly garden for local people and tourists.

Sirpur Butterfly Garden

So far Sirpur lake or water tank is popular among nature lovers as a bird-watching site in city. Thus nature lovers and photographers were often seen here, roaming to see the birds and photograph them. Considering the importance of this natural site, Indore authorities planned to develop a butterfly garden in this region so that visitors will have one more reason to visit this tourist attraction. This garden is spread over 2 Acres of land in which various butterfly host plants, flowering plants were planted. Institute Nature Volunteers is helping in this attempt and 500 plants were already planted. Target is to do plantation of 2000 host plants so that large number of butterflies could be attracted. Overall objective is to develop a natural site in Indore city where migratory birds, insects, bees, butterflies could co-exist and we can observe and enjoy the natural activities. Authorities are trying to develop this garden with the direct involvement of common people in which they are inviting local people to come and do their contribution by planting small plants, giving their views on development of garden so that local people connected with them the garden and this will also save development cost. Here they have planted flowering plants like rose, lotus, marigold, jasmine, Jasminum sambac, lemon tree, castor plant etc. This garden will be a unique city tourism attraction for tourists, visiting Indore tourist circuit to cover pilgrimage destinations like Ujjain, Omkareshwar, Maheshwar etc.