Wanchoo Point Hill Station

Wanchoo Point Hill Station



If you are in most clean city of India i.e. at Indore city then you have the opportunity to visit further better nature tourism destination Wanchoo Point (Vanchu point), just 50 kms from city. It offers scenic view of Nimar hills, covered with lush green forest. While traveling from Indore to Mandleshwar, we will pass through this hilly terrain and thus enjoy the scenic nature. It is gaining popularity among local Indore citizens as nearby hill station to visit during weekends, spend some valuable time with family at lap of nature. It is often visited and seen as Indore excursion tour destination. Apart from Sirpur tank in city area, Vanchu point is another nature tourism destination which can be visited during stay in Indore city.

How to travel

It is located on Indore- Mandaleshwar route, just 50 kms from city. It lies in south-west of Indore city, well connected by road. Here we can find limited tourism infrastructure. It is possible that in coming days, MPSTDC will pay more attention towards this point and make it well versed for visitors to explore this scenic place as excursion tour.