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bandhavgarh to satpura national park taxi service

Bandhavgarh national park lies in eastern part of Madhya Pradesh where as Satpura national park lies in almost central region of state. There are many popular tour itineraries in which Satpura national park is the next destination, after covering Bandhavgarh national park. Here we have experienced that some travel companies are using taxi - train - taxi transfer option to reach Satpura national park in which guest spends whole day and get tried by changing mode of transport in every 2-3 hrs. It is more challenging when tourist is foreigner, women visitor, senior citizen or physically challenged. Problem become worse then train get delayed and we have to experience this in helpless manner. We can avoid such inconveniences easily. Here we are offering best solution to such uncertainties by offering direct taxi transfer from Bandhavgarh to Satpura national park. As we are serving some agencies who are still using taxi-train-taxi option thus we have personally seen the inconvenience of tourists on ground thus we can say that this will be of great benefit for them. By giving due journey breaks at appropriate points, we can comfortably transfer the tourists on this route with enroute scenic views. Here we are capable to connect all the resorts of Bandhavgarh with all the resorts of Satpura national park.

Basic Travel Information

Here we have tried to provide you answers to some of your basic travel queries on route from Bandhavgarh to Satpura national park. These queries are important during the tour planning phase thus must be addressed properly so that we can ensure smooth travel, without any surprises. Here we have tried to share information on queries like how long is the travel route, what is travel duration, what to experience during taxi transfer, where to take journey break, how is landscape etc.

Questions Answers
Travel distance from Bandhavgarh to Satpura national park 410 km
Travel time to cover this route in normal conditions ? 7:45 hrs
What is preferred travel route ? Bandhavgarh - Umaria - Katni - Sihora - Jabalpur - Shahpura - Belkheda - Tendukheda - Deori - Udaipura - Bareli - Pipariya - Shobhapur - Sohagpur - Nibhora - Sarangpur - Satpura national park (Madhai)
Any enroute restaurant or hotel for travel break ?  Some average options are available in Katni and Jabalpur
Is it safe to travel on this route ? Yes it is absolutely safe. While passing through tiger reserve area, don't get down from vehicle.
How is enroute scenic beauty ? Scenic beauty is good. Route is not with heavy traffic but with varying landscapes. Here we will pass through plateau area, villages, small townships, forested land etc.
How is the landscape on this route ? Some hilly terrains, with forests and villages.
Any travel restrictions or special rule on this route ? No restriction or special rule.
Traffic condition on this route ? Heavy vehicle traffic will be experienced in first 100 kms. Later traffic will reduce with reduction in width of road.
Do you provide assistance on arrival and departure service ? Yes we provide this service on a 24 x 7 basis from airport and railway stations. It is very supportive for senior citizens, solo woman travelers, women with babies, foreign tourists, physically challenged travelers, ground knowledge seekers and VIP guests. We have a team of English speaking executives to enhance service experience.

Taxi Vehicle Options

In this section, we have specified the tourist vehicle options that we can arrange on the travel route of Bandhavgarh national park to Satpura national park in Central India. Here we connect both the popular gates of Satpura national park i.e. Madhai gate and Bheemkund gate. Below given vehicles are frequently used to travel over this route thus by checking the vehicle details, you can decide the vehicle type, matching to your requirement. In Madhya Pradesh, taxi vehicle options list is not so long thus decision making is easy. Certain tested vehicles models are running successfully and trusted by guests. Just go through the seating capacity and make a decision accordingly.

Category Vehicle Options Seating Capacity Luggage Capacity
Medium Car Swift Dzire / Toyota Etios / Hundai Xcent 3+1 seater 03 Medium bags
Large Car Toyota Crysta 6+1 & 7+1 seater 06 Medium bags
Mini Van Force Tempo Traveller 12 +1 seater 12 Bag

Why give us an opportunity ?

After going through above given information about travel route, type of tourist vehicle, guest will have further queries about travel service, vehicle condition, about driver and other possible assistance for given tour plan. In order to know more about cab transfer service from Bandhavgarh to Satpura national park , our credibility, our service profile, long experience etc., just go through below give table with such questions and answers.

Questions Answers
Do you ensure cab on time ? Yes. Customer time is more important than us thus we try to reach before time.
How will be the condition of vehicle ? We use good conditioned vehicle
How will be the driver? Driver is soul of cab thus he must be polite, soft spoken, experienced and well dressed. All the drivers are local people. They have expertise on local travel routes and driving is the only source of income for them thus they take best care of guest.
How do you ensure a fresh driver for duty? We don’t want over exhausted drivers. We have simple rule that one driver will do single transfer on each day which is usually of 150 to 300 km. In Madhya Pradesh, usually the distance between 2 destinations lies in between this range. For unusual long transfers (more than 500 km), we advise our drivers to drive in slots, take journey breaks. Apart from this, we also use the solution of changing the vehicle after certain limit. This ensures fresh driver on duty, regional expertise, avoid over exhausting of vehicle or driver.
Do you ensure same driver and same car for complete tour ? Yes we can ensure the service of same driver same car for complete central India tour, covering multiple destinations. We have a team of such knowledgeable drivers to cover all the places in this region. In such service guests have to book the tour in advance and retain the cab from beginning till end of the tour.
Do you ensure clean & sanitized cab ? Yes we guarantee this.
Can we expect luggage carrier facility in your cab ? By default, luggage carriers are not used. If you have any requirement, please let us know, we will resolve your problem. Please carry your luggage as per your booked vehicle.
How about pricing ? We provide the best competitive cost in one run. No need to waste time on negotiation. By saying Yes or No, we can save our time & energy. Guest can compare and take decision.
How reliable you are ? We (Indus Excursion) are the authorized travel agent of MPSTDC, listed in the official website. We are also among the members of IATO & TOFT, serving since 2008. Our long experience will be an asset for you. Customer feedback on various forums, websites, social media platforms can be referred to.
Do you provide services to customers only or also to travel companies ? Our services are open for everyone. We offer service to individual visitors, families, and friends in the B2C segment. At the same time we provide ground support as helping hand for some most popular travel companies, in the B2B segment.
Apart from taxi transfers, are you able to solve other travel problems of customers? Apart from taxi transfers, we can definitely help guests in resort booking, jungle safari booking, local sightseeing arrangement, guide booking etc.
Are you local service provider or handling from other state or country ? We are local residents of Madhya Pradesh thus we request you to be vocal for locals. We work on ground with our local team, thus our expertise is unmatched. Using our service means direct support to the local community. We really need your support.

Payment system, Cancellation policy & Feedback sharing ?

After going through above given information, about travel route, type of tourist vehicle etc, you would be able to make a conclusive decision for traveling over the route of Bandhavgarh tiger reserve to Satpura national park in Madhya Pradesh. Once you are ascertained about using our service then you need to take our best quote, in written format. Here we have shared vital questions and answers on the payment system, cancellation policy and feedback sharing. If still some points are unanswered, please get in touch with us.

Questions Answers
Booking rescheduling or booking transfer is allowed or not ? Yes allowed but if there will be any change in tour plan, rescheduling to peak season, change due to significant hike in fuel price, taxation etc quotation will vary. Our team will decide.
How to pay for booking confirmation ? You can pay through GPay, PhonePe, NEFT Transfer, Bank Transfer
Do you offer, pay on arrival option ? If you have made partial payment in advance then only we accept balance payment on arrival (very first day).
Do you offer pay at last option ? If you are traveling not for the first time with us, then you may make partial payment at the end. This facility is for our old customers.
Will you provide payment acknowledgement receipt against advance payment ? YES, sure.
Do you share cancellation policy ? Yes, against every booking, we share cancellation policy so that guest must read it before making any payment.
How long it will take you to do cancellation refund ? With in India, we do refund with in a week where whereas foreign country refund may take 10-20 days due to involved documentary formalities at bank.
How to express your dissatisfaction against any service ? The moment you feel things are not as per promise or expectation, you can immediately alert us by WhatsApp message or call. This will help us to take possible corrective action and enhance your service. Don't carry your dissatisfaction without informing us. Your suggestions, complaints are our source of improvement. We will welcome it.
How to express your gratitude against good service ? You can send your message on the above given number. You have the option to give a tip or reward to the driver for good service. It could be 100 to 500 INR. per day as per your satisfaction. You can also review us on trip advisor so that others will have trust on our service and give us chance to serve them.

How to book the service ?

After knowing about our payment system, cancellation policy information and feedback sharing mechanism, now you will be able to proceed to answer the query as how to book the taxi vehicle for Bandhavgarh to Satpura national park in Central India. Now the question arises how to confirm the booking ? So here we have answered this question in a comprehensive way. Just go through below given booking confirmation information and follow the instructions to confirm your service and feel free.

Questions Answers
How to communicate for booking ? Chat on WhatsApp Number: +91 8989 00 7070. Just drop your query.
Quotation are fixed or have scope for negotiation ? You will directly get the actual rate from our side. No need to pass through the negotiation phase. We respect your time. 
What is the duration of a quotation ? Usually it is for 48 to 72 hrs only unless some sudden changes took place in the market. Due to dynamic fuel pricing, quotes are dynamic.
Booking rescheduling or booking transfer is allowed or not ? Yes allowed but if there will be any change in tour plan, rescheduling to peak season, change due to significant hike in fuel price, taxation etc quotation will vary. Our team will decide.
Do you provide tourist cabs in other parts of Central India ? YES

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