Madhya Pradesh Leisure Tourism


Madhya Pradesh is commonly abbreviated as M.P. in India local. Its name "Madhya Pradesh" means "Central Region" because is if located at Central of India in plains. Till year 2000, Madhya Pradesh was the largest state of India in area-wise but after creation of Chattisgarh state from Madhya Pradesh area, it become second largest state in area-wise and 6th largest state in population wise. Is is among few states of India who shares their state border with other states of India and not with any other country or coastal line. Its north-east border touches Uttar Pradesh state, north-west border touches Rajasthan, western border touches Gujarat, south-west border touches Maharashtra state and south-east border touches Chattisgarh.



While visiting these holy destinations, we can visit to many popular temples and locations. They are the historical destinations, visited by large number of devotees on regular basis. During festival time or on other sacred occasions, visitors count increases. Below we have shared some of the popular Madhya Pradesh temples list so that tourists will get readymade specifically arranged information and make their travel plan.

Pachmarhi Orchha Satpura National Park
Hanuwantiya Sailani Island Bargi Dam
Tawa Dam Gandhi Sagar Indore 
Bhedaghat Kutni Dam Jabalpur

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