Madhya Pradesh Heritage Sites


Madhya Pradesh Heritage Tourism Madhya Pradesh state in Central India is a historical region. Its history goes back to the time of Ashoka, the great Mauryan ruler. Major portion of Central India was part of the Gupta Empire (300-550 AD). In the first half of the seventh century it was part of domains of famous emperor Harsha. The close of tenth century was a period of confusion when region is divided into various rulers like Chandela rulers in North Madhya Pradesh, later Bundela dynasty ruled over North Madhya Pradesh at the same time Gond tribal rulers were ruling in South of Madhya Pradesh which was dense forested region of Satpura and Vindhya hills. but with early eleventh century the muslims entered into Central India. First Mahmud of Ghazni attacked here and later Mohammad Gori entered here with Sultanate of Delhi. It also formed part of Mughal empire and later Marathas ruled supreme in Central India, but after that it came into the influence of British India. Some great women rulers like Rani Ahilyabai Holkar of Indore, Gond queen Rani Kamla devi & Rani Durgawati have carved a niche for them in history.

When India became independent in 1947, the British Indian province of Central Provinces and Berar formed Madhya Pradesh. Till year 2000, Madhya Pradesh remain the largest state of India, in terms of land area. Later some new states were created in India and in same series, Chattisgarh is carved from Madhya Pradesh state. But is has no impact on heritage tourism of state. Madhya Pradesh tourism is still prominent known for heritage and wildlife tourism.


Madhya Pradesh is having a chain of heritage tourism destinations which begins from easterm Madhya Pradesh and goes to northern part of the state. This region is geographically called Bundelkhand region which is more rocky and arid. Due to this here we can find many stone mining sites and thus due to presence of these stones, construction work was easy and as a result, we can find chain of heritage tourism destinations. In this region we can find places like Rews, Bandhavgarh, Panna, Khajuraho, Orchha etc. After northern Madhya Pradesh, this chain moves along with Chambal river and goes from northern to western region i.e. from Bundelkhand to Malwa region. In this part we can find some magnificent destinations like Gwalior, Shivpuri, Chanderi, Bhopal, Sanchi, Maheshwar, Mandu, Burhanpur etc.


If you are planning for art and cultural tour of Madhya Pradesh and just want to select those destinations who have their identity due to art and culture then you must have list of such destinations. Here we have tried to prepare table of such destinations so that you can have direct information as per your particular requirement and thus you can quickly draw your plan.

Bhopal Burhanpur Chanderi
Dhar Gwalior Indore
Khajuraho Maheshwar Mandu
Orchha Sanchi Shivpuri


Here we are presenting the interactive map of Madhya Pradesh location. It is a tourist map of Central India region in which you will not only find Madhya Pradesh tourism destination but also notice the names of some popular places, surrounding to this state. This map will be very helpful in planning the trave route for any tour package as it shows which destination is close to which destination and on which direction. By reading this map, we can make a sequence of destinations to cover in our tour. Still if you have some questions in our mind, please contact us by email or whatsapp.
Madhya Pradesh Map


Madhya Pradesh tourism offers such tourism destinations that can be visited throughout the year. All heritage and pilgrimage tourist attractions of state are accessible by tourists in any of the day at any season. Only wildlife destinations remains closed in rainy season. Popular tourist destinations like Gwalior, Orchha, Khajuraho, Bhopal, Sanchi, Bhimbetka, Mandu, Maheshwar, Ujjain etc. are open for visitors in all the days. Still October to April time is suits best for tourists to visit these tourist attractions as during this time most of the other seasonal destinations like national parks, tiger reserves are also open for visitors, most of the festivals occur during this time and climatic conditions are also favorable for tours.  

Art Culture Heritage Leisure
Offbeats Pilgrimage Wildlife
Bundela Cenotaphs Ghaus Mohammad Tomb Krishnapura Chhatris
Pratap Singh Chhatri Scindia Chhatris
Asirgarh Ater Bandhavgarh
Datia Dhar Gadpahra Fort
Garh Kundar Gulganj Gwalior Fort
Hathi Mahal Madan Mahal Maheshwar
Mandla Narsinghgarh Fort Singorgarh
ASI Museum Chanderi ASI Museum Khajuraho ASI Museum Mandu
Baghel Birla Central Museum
Chhatrasal Gujari Mahal Jai Vilas
Lalbagh Rani Durgavati Sanchi
Sarod Scindia State Museum
Tribal Museum Vidisha District
Badal Mahal Baz Bahadur Gauhar Mahal
Gujari Mahal Hardol Hindola
Jahangir Jahaz Mahal Mandu Jai Vilas
Jal Mahal Kharbuja Mahal Koshak Mahal
Lalbagh Nilkantha Rai Praveen
Raj Mahal Rajwada Sheesh Mahal
Sunder Mahal Vir Palace
Bagh Caves Bhimbetka Chambal Valley-Chaturbhuj Nala
Katni Pachmarhi Udayagiri Caves

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