Madhya Pradesh Pilgrim Destinations


Central India Temples Here we have tried to prepare list of pilgrim sites in Madhya Pradesh. Their are many pilgrim sites in Central India, belonging to different religions and groups. Throughout the year devotees and tourists visit these holy places for peace and understand its greatness. Here in Madhya Pradesh, we can find that holy destinations are scattered over whole Central India region. At some places, they are densely situated but we can find popular holy sites in every 50 to 100 kms. This shows the spiritual nature of Central India people who have deep believe and faith in their god and worship is a mandatory or necessary part of their life. Here day begins with the worship of god on daily basis. Their are sacred destinations like Ujjain, Omkareshwar, Maheshwar, Maihar, Amarkantak etc. whose reference comes in Hindu epics like Ramayana, Purans, Vedas which shows the greatness and importance of these places. Visiting these places, once in a life is an auspicious act and devotees gets a kind of satisfaction and peace in their mind.


While visiting these holy destinations, we can visit to many popular temples and locations. They are the historical destinations, visited by large number of devotees on regular basis. During festival time or on other sacred occasions, visitors count increases. Below we have shared some of the popular Madhya Pradesh temples list so that tourists will get ready-made specifically arranged information and make their travel plan.

Ujjain Omkareshwar Amarkantak
Maheshwar Bhojpur Orchha
Khajuraho Chitrakoot Chanderi
Sanchi Mandsaur Pachmarhi
Bajrangarh Bawangaja Barwani Kundalpur
Sonagiri Maihar Bandhavgarh


Their is no best time to visit for holy places as they are visited on regular basis by devotees. We should visit them at anytime and on frequent intervals so keep on getting mental peace, spiritual enlightenment and inspiration. Holy places of any religion is respectable and visitors will get some peace and relaxed feel by visiting them. It doesn't matter we follow that religion or not. Devotees and visitors try to visit holy destinations, throughout the year. Still their are some festival seasons during which, celebrations goes on in aggressive way and tourists should must try to visit in this period. For Hindu temples, period from August to March months are special and all major festivals falls during this period thus majority of visitors were recorded during this period. Festivals coincides with good climatic conditions. If we study their dates, carefully, we will notice that when corps are harvested festivals are celebrated with different names in different regions. Climatic conditions are also a factor like we will notice that majority of festival falls in Winters & Spring time and rarely we will find festivals in monsoon season.

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