Madhya Pradesh Wildlife Tourism


Wildlife in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh tourism is popular for its wildlife tourism opportunities. When talk about wildlife tourism of India, image of Tiger comes into our mind as it is often seen as synonymous to Indian wildlife. Madhya Pradesh is the state in India with highest count of tigers and leopards thus ideal place for Big cat safari tours. In below given table, we have listed some of the popular wildlife tourism destinations of state where tourists can visit and explore the wildlife of Central India.  Madhya Pradesh is best region for any safari holiday tour as it has so many mammals, birds and reptile species to showcase that one can't find in single region. Visitors should must visit these wildlife destinations to understand the forest type, habitat of there favorite animals, how conservation projects are working, what is the history of various animals and birds conservation, how jungle safaris are operated, behavioral study of birds and animals and to do the wildlife photography to gain create your own identity and expertise in social media world. Today when we are fed-up of urban life and its associated stress, one should must plan for a nature tour and come to Madhya Pradesh to relax for some day in forest areas and gain the relief from mental stress and enjoy the real nature that we miss in city life. These forests are stress busters and source of mental peace. For relaxation, these destinations are ideal place for all age group of visitors.

Bandhavgarh Kanha National Park Pench National Park
Satpura National Park Panna National Park Madhav National Park
Sanjay Dubri National Park Van Vihar National Park Kuno National Park


Wildlife Zones of Madhya Pradesh 

When we talk about wildlife zones of Madhya Pradesh, we will find list of some popular tiger reserves, as listed in above table. If we study more about these forest areas, we will notice a pattern in terms of there geographical location. These different tiger reserves and wildlife sanctuaries are spread over two important hill ranges of Central India. There names are Satpura range and Vindhya range. They have origin from a confluence point at Amarkantak region called Maikal range. From here we will notice the division of these two hill ranges with some sub-range like Kaimur range etc. Tiger reserves like Kanha tiger reserve, Pench tiger reserve, Satpura tiger reserve are part of Satpura range. Similarly Bandhavgarh tiger reserve, Panna tiger reserve, Ratapani tiger reserve is spread over Vindhya range of Central India. Both Satpura and Vindhya range goes parallel to each other. Here Satpura range goes from Amarkantak region to Eastern Gujarat, while covering Madhya Pradesh and some areas of Maharashtra state. It means its direction is towards north-west where as Vindhya range goes slightly towards north-east direction covering Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and some part of Rajasthan. 

Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary Bori Wildlife Sanctuary Chidikho Wildlife Sanctuary Gandhi Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary
Ghatigaon Wildlife Sanctuary Karera WIldlife Sanctuary Kheoni Wildlife Sanctuary Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary
Panpatha Wildlife Sanctuary Phen Wildlife Sanctuary Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary
Sailana Wildlife Sanctuary Sardarpur Wildlife Sanctuary Singhori Wildlife Sanctuary Veerangana Wildlife Sanctuary
wildlife photography


Wildlife Tourism

The wildlife tourism of Madhya Pradesh is dependent on the forest destinations spread over Satpura and Vindhya ranges. Here tourists are visiting forests areas for jungle safaris and to enjoy nature tourism. Destinations like Kanha national park, Pench national park, Satpura national park, Bandhavgarh, Panna national park, Pachmarhi etc are some most popular wildlife and nature tourism destinations. In Madhya Pradesh tourism, these national park are doing major contribution in offering tourism opportunities and contributing into the economy of state. Wildlife tourism of state is giving international exposure to Madhya Pradesh tourism and giving strong reason to international travelers to come and explore wildlife destinations of Central India region. Madhya Pradesh is the only state in India which have both highest tiger population and leopards population in comparison to any other state of India thus offering great opportunity for tiger photography and leopards photography. Thus wildlife photographers prefers to visit this state do achieve there wildlife photography targets by visiting single region. This saves there tour cost and precious time. 

Best time to visit

Safari destinations of Madhya Pradesh are open from tourists, throughout the year. It means, we can do wildlife tours in any month of the year. At all tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh, buffer safari zones remain open for tourists, in all months. But when we talk about core safari zones, they are open from October to June month only. Due to this fact, best time for wildlife tours is considered as from October to June when we have opportunity to enjoy safari drives in undisturbed critical tiger habitat forest. For wildlife safaris, majority of tourists prefers period from November to May month as climatic conditions are favorable and this period offers many holidays so that working class gets time to visit the safari destinations. Thus is it considered as the best time for tiger tours, for general visitors, Those who are interested in tiger photography and visiting national parks with one mind-set to do photography, perfers the period from February to June. This period is considered as the best time for tiger sighting due to better visibility in forest and ease in tiger tracking. 

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Offbeats Pilgrimage Wildlife
Bandhavgarh Ghughua Fossil Kanha National Park
Kuno National Park Madhav Panna national park
Pench Ratapani Sanjay Dubri
Satpura National Park Van Vihar
Bagdara Bori Wildlife Sanctuary Chidikho wildlife sanctuary
Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary Ghatigaon Karera Wildlife Sanctuary
Karopani Natural Deer Park Ken Gharial Kheoni
National Chambal Sanctuary Nauradehi Orchha
Panpatha Phen Ralamandal
Ratapani Sailana Sardarpur
Singhori Son Gharial Veerangana

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