Here we have tried to arrange a list of some offbeat destinations in Madhya Pradesh. These the not the popular places to visit in Madhya Pradesh but those destinations where visiting is worth to get incredible experience and deal will be of value for money. Majority of tourists are those visitors, who are spending majority of their time in large crowded cities and thus they want such places to visit where they can experience a different world, away from concrete structures, silent zones haveing no mark of city life. These offbeat destination doesn't means jungles only but an offbeat destination could be seeked under any travel category like heritage tourism, rural tourism, pilgrimage, nature tourism, adventure tourism. Sometimes, visiting popular tourist places doesn't makes you feel proud or satisfied from inside as before reaching such destinations, we had some different picture in our mind but once we reach such place, we will realize that reality is much different. We find ouselves from one crowded place to another crowded place. Popular destination has many characteristics but generally we give this tag to such places where majority of tourists are going to see & experience thus we overlooks an associated drawback i.e. overcorwding factor, presence of hotel cluster, queue for popular local activities, parking problem, garbage problem etc. All these factors, overshadows the advantages of any popular destination thus  our expectation doen't meet in reality. In such situation, it is worth to include some offbeat destinations also in our trips so that we will get both the experience i.e. enjoy popular activities and learn/experience something new at offbeat destination. 


Why to explore offbeat places ?

Visiting offbeat destinations is never been mandatory to any tourist. It is optional choice. Here we need to understand basic fact that all offbeat destinations may not become popular destination but all popular destinations were offbeat destination in past. Visiting such destination is always been a personal choice. Lets try to count the advantages of visiting offbeat destinations.

  • Storey telling is a hidden talent in every human being. We all have our own friend or dearones. Most of our activities or actions are inherently motivated or targetted to influence that friend circle. For example if we purchase new dress or new car or new house, achieve something, the first thing we do is to share this update with our close friends and relatives so that they can also see or experience and get their blessings or appreciation. It has nothing with rest of the world as it doen't means anything to others who don't know us.
  • Visiting offbeat destination gives us an experience which is unique and gives us truly justified reason to share it with our near & dear ones. Although sharing such experience may not have direct impact on anyone but it will give us emmence satisfaction to us.
  • Knowledge makes us to opt visit for offbeat destination. By visiting such place, our knowledge get transformed to information. Which can be better shared with our friends & relatives.
  • Offbeat destinations and always less crowded thus we can visit them comfortably without any struggle for local activity and thus can experience & absorbs details in better way.
  • Many times, popularity of destination causes difference between demand (more) & supply (less) due to which trip becomes costly or over budget. Where as off-beat destinations are such places where supply is more and demand is less thus chances of overpricing is less and it may be easily accessible to low budget visitors. Sometimes opposite thing may also happen at some destinations where in offbeat destination, we can find very few hotels with negligible competition, maintaining services in challenging conditions thus their services become costly.
  • Customer value at off-beat destination is always more in compare to popular destination. Thus in such destinations, we may expect better hospitality experience. Hoteliers and activity providers gives more respect to tourists in off-beat destination. 
  • Off-beat destination plays important role in load sharing of tourists. Now as days, tourism is a popular & routine activity, undertaken by urban people thus over-crowding is often seen in popular destinations which becomes challenge for management authorities. Even visitors don't get desired services on their dates like hotel soldout issue, unavailability of activity permits, traffic jams, parking problem, over pricing etc. Presence of offbeat destination often causes relief to both management authorities and visitors. 

Offbeat Tourism in Central India

Madhya Pradesh tourism of offering wildlife tourism, heritage tourism, pilgrimage, nature tourism & rural tourism. Till year 2000, tourism in Madhya Pradesh was not on limelight due to many reasons like lack of tourism promotion, poor infrastructure, poor connectivity issue, poor paying capacity of visitors etc. In those days, today's popular destinations like Bandhavgarh tiger reserve, Orchha, Mandu, Pachmarhi, Kanha national park, Satpura Tiger Reserve etc were not in limelight and thus treated as offbeat destination. In those days, these destinations have advantage of being off-beat destination but in last 20 years, so many changes have been noticed and now these offbeat destinations became popular destination. Now policies were also changed and made according to popular destination in which crowd management is added as important ingredient. Thus, list of popular destination and offbeat destination keep on changing with the passage of time & change in circumstances. As per current status, please find list of offbeat destinations in Madhya Pradesh and its adjoining areas for which we are operating tours.

Bori Wildlife Sanctuary National Chambal Sanctuary Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary
Hanumantiya Karopani Ken Gharial Sanctuary
Kuno National Park Madhav National Park Nagzira (Maharashtra)
Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary Panna National Park Phen Wildlife Sanctuary
Raneh Fall Ratapani Sailani Island
Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve Shivpuri Son Gharial Sanctuary
Tamia Tawa Dam Udayagiri Caves
Bagh Caves Bateshwar Temples Bhoremdeo (Chattisgarh)
Burhanpur Chanderi Datia
Dhar Gandhi Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary Ghughwa Fossil Park
Kalinjar Fort (Uttar Pradesh) Mandsaur Ramnagar
Shivpuri Sonagiri Temples Udayagiri Caves
Bateshwar Temples Bhoremdeo (Chattisgarh) Chanderi
Gandhi Sagar Kawardha (Chattisgarh) Kundalpur
Mandsaur Pranpur Village Patangarh
Ramnagar Shivpuri Sonagiri
Tamia -- --
Bhoremdeo (Chattisgarh) Kundalpur Maihar
Mandsaur Sonagiri Temples --
Bori Wildlife Sanctuary National Chambal Sanctuary Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary
Karopani Deer Park Ken Gharial Sanctuary Kuno Palpur
Madhav National Park Mansinghdeo Wildlife Sanctuary (Maharashtra) Nagzira (Maharashtra)
Nauradelhi Wildlife Sanctuary Panna National Park Phen Wildlife Sanctuary
Ratapani Raneh Fall Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve
Son Gharial Sanctuary
National Chambal Sanctuary Gandhi Sagar Dam Hanumantiya
Ken Gharial Sanctuary Panna National Park Raneh Fall
Ratapani Sailani Island Son Gharial Sanctuary
Tamia Tawa Dam Udayagiri Caves

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