Bansagar Dam

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Bansagar dam is made on Sone river at Madhya Pradesh state. It is close to Bandhavgarh national park and it is a multipurpose dam which generates hydroelectric power and its water is also used for irrigation purpose. Now Madhya Pradesh tourism had decided to use the catchment area for tourism purpose also so that it will help in economic development of this region and also generate more job opportunities for local people in tourism sector. This dam is constructed on Sone river which lies in Shahdol district of Madhya Pradesh state. Here Sone and Mahanadi are main contributory to dam water thus it water catchment area is vast 18648 Its height is 67 meters and length is 1020 meters.The water stored in catchment area is used by 3 main states Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar thus it covers vast agricultural land. This water flows through many canals like Keoti canal, Bhitari canal, Purwa canal, Gurh Mauganj canal, Teonthar lift canal etc. So far we have seen good example of water sports at destinations like Hanuwantiya, Sailani island, Bargi dam, Tawa dam etc. Now MPSTDC has planned the similar concept at island of Bansagar dam. This site will be close to Amarpatan town and can be accessed from Bandhavgarh, Panna national park, Satna city. Work is going on.


Reaching Bansagar Dam by Air 

The nearest airport for visiting Bansagar dam is Khajuraho airport. Due to its limited flight connectivity, majority of tourist prefers to reach Jabalpur airport for visiting this site. Flight connectivity is Jabalpur is comparatively better and it is also a big city with good number of hotels.

(in Kms)
Satna to Bansagar Dam 101 South-East
Khajuraho to Bansagar Dam 120 South-East
Bandhavgarh to Bansagar Dam 90 North-East
Jabalpur to Bansagar Dam 270 North-East
Sanjay Dubri National Park to Bansagar Dam 50 West
Panna national park to Bansagar Dam 200 South-East
Maihar to Bansagar Dam 100 East
Beohari Station to Bansagar Dam 30 North
Mukundpur White Tiger Safari Zoo to Bansagar Dam 55 South
Sanjay Dubri National Park to Bansagar Dam 50 West

Reaching Bansagar Dam by Train/ Railways

The nearest railway station for reaching Bansagar dam is Beohari station. It lies in Beohari town. As it is a small station thus some trains have stoppage here and many long route trains don't have stoppage here thus next best option is Satna railway station. It is important station thus many tourists prefers this station for visiting Bansagar dam site.

Reaching Bansagar Dam by Road 

Bansagar dam lies in eastern region of Madhya Pradesh which is also called Baghelkhand region. Its surrounding cities are Rewa, Satna, Shahdol, Umaria and Katni. Visitors often visits dam site from these cities, by road traveling.


Bansagar dam is a huge dam with vast catchment area. So far it was under-rated in terms of tourism. It lies in Baghelkhand region and surrounded by some popular destinations like Bandhavgarh natonal park, Sanjay Dubri national park, Panna national park, Maihar temple site but enough efforts were not made to develop this place as a tourism destination. Now MPSTDC is working on their project to develop accommodation facility with addition of leisure activities. As if now, we can enjoy birding in surrounding areas of Bandhavgarh.


As mentioned, Bansagar lies in eastern part of Madhya Pradesh. This region receives average rain fall thus duration of monsoon is comparatively less than summers and winters. Here we can experience summers from end of March till mid of July month. During summers, heat waves are common and temperature goes to 45 deg. cel. in day time. After summers, monsoon season can be experience from mid of July to end of September. Temperature starts dipping down from November month thus it is considered as the beginning of winters and it goes on till end of February. During winters, fog is uncommon.


Best time to visit Bansagar dam is winter season i.e. from October to February month. During this time, birding chances are good here. At the same time, it is also good for butterflies photography.


As if now, infrastructural development is in progress. Thus we have to wait for some more months for ideal accommodation facility. At present tourists are staying either at Sanjay Dubri national park MPSTDC hotel or Bandhavgarh and covers it as excursion tour.


After visiting Bansagar dam site, we have option to visit Sanjay Dubri national park, Bandhavgarh national park, Panna national park, Rewa city, Chitrakoot temples etc.

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