Bargi Dam Jabalpur

Bargi Dam in Madhya Pradesh


Bargi Dam is built on Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh state of Central India. It is just 40kms south of Jabalpur city. Out of 30 major dam projects on Narmada river, it is one of the first completed dam on river. Bargi dam construction started in year 1974 and completed in year 1990. Main dam is constructed near Bargi village, close to National Highway-7 (connects Jabalpur- Nagpur) due to which it has been named Bargi Dam. It serves in irrigation projects and hydropower generation of 90 MW capacity. In addition to irrigation and power generation, dam is also used for tourism promotion on region. For tourism promotion, Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation has opened its well furnished hotel for peaceful accommodation and entertaining visitors at this site.


As mentioned above, Bargi dam was built in between period of 1974 - 1990 on Narmada river. This river is considered as the largest river in Madhya Pradesh and much older than Ganges and Himalayas. It took almost 16 years for completion of this project. During this process, for large number of villages have been relocated as they are lying in backwater encatchment area. Dam water is spread on areas of 3 districts i.e. Jabalpur, Mandla and Seoni. Height of Bargi Dam is 69 meters and length is 5.4kms. It backwater forms a lake of 75kms in length and 4.5 kms in width. Dam is constructed for the purpose of HydroPower generation of 105MW (currently producing 90MW (2x45MW)) and availing irrigation facility to 2980 area.By introduction of Bargi diversion plan, irrigation area has been increased to 4370 sq.kms. area. Canals derived from Bargi dam are covering providing water to multiple districts and work is still going-on on canals.


Backwater of Bargi dam forms a huge lake having enormous potential for tourism development. Realizing this fact, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department took initiative to open a hotel with name of "Maikal Resort". It offers accommodation, restaurant and boating facility in Bargi Dam. It is a medium sized hotel of air-conditioned rooms offering scenic view of Bargi dam water. Leisure activities offered at Bargi dam includes Cruise ride, water scooter, speed boating, paddle boating etc. Surrounding area of Bargi dam is also good for nature tourism which includes birdwatching, mammals sighting. In addition to this Jabalpur Tourism Promotion Council (JTPC) also organizes some adventurous games at Bargi Dam for tourism promotion.


By Air:

Nearest airport for reaching Bargi dam is Jabalpur Airport (IATA code:JLR). It is about 50 kms from Bargi dam in north direction. Jabalpur airport has direct flight connectivity from Delhi, Mumbai, Indore etc. After reaching Jabalpur airport, you need to do further traveling by taxi vehicle. We offer Jabalpur airport taxi service for reaching Bargi dam.
(in Kms)
From Distance
(in Kms)
Jabalpur to Bargi Dam 40 Bargi Dam to Panna National Park 280
Bhedaghat to Bargi Dam 45 Bargi Dam to Jabalpur Airport 50
Kanha National Park (Khatia Gate) to Bargi dam 160 Bargi Dam to Kanha National Park (Mukki Gate) 210
Pachmarhi to Bargi Dam 260 Bargi Dam to Amarkantak 260
Bandhavgarh to Bargi Dam 230 Bargi Dam to Nagpur Airport 270
Pench National Park (Touria Gate) to Bargi Dam 180 Bargi Dam to Pench National Park (Karmajhiri Gate) 180

Above map is a interactive map which can be zoon-in or zoon-out to understand the location.

By Train/ Railways :

Nearest railway station for reaching Bargi Dam is Jabalpur railway station. It is just 40kms from Bargi dam. After reaching Jabalpur railway station, you need to hire a taxi cab for further journey. We offer car rental service for reaching Bargi dam,

By Road:

Bargi dam is easily accessible by road. It is about 40kms from Jabalpur city in south direction. Their are two ways for reaching dam. One is by using Jabalpur - Mandla road and later using samadhi road to reach dam. Second way is to travel on Jabalpur - Nagpur highway NH-7 and on reaching Bargi police station, take left turn and reach the dam. Nearest city from Bargi dam in Jabalpur (40kms/01:00hr), Mandla (100kms/02:30hrs).
Here all 3 seasons can be experienced. Winter begins from November to March. During this period, average temperature remains 5°C in morning hours and 18°C in day time. Summer season begins from April to June when temperature reached 45°C in day time where as after sunset temperature remains under 24°C. Monsoon season usually prevails from July to October.


Bargi dam is accessible throughout the year. Here main activity is boat ride which is possible when dam will have sufficient water level and their is no rainfall. So according this peak summers and monsoon season should be avoided which means October to April is the best time to visit Bargi Dam. During this period, climate remains clean and dam will have good amount of water in reservoir.


For accommodation at Bargi dam, their is only one hotel of tourism department having name as "Maikal Resort". It is a 06 rooms standard category hotel for stay, located at best scenic location. If you don't find it matching to your requirement then look for Jabalpur hotels.


After visiting Bargi Dam, next options are Jabalpur city, Pench national park, Bhedaghat, Kanha national park, Amarkantak, Bandhavgarh, Satpura National Park and Pachmarhi.

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