Bee Fall Pachmarhi


Madhya Pradesh Waterfalls Bee Fall is a popular water-fall located at Pachmarhi Hill Station in Madhya Pradesh state on Central India. Pachmarhi is a tourist destination on Satpura Hills. Their are number of waterfalls in Pachmarhi but among them Bee Fall is considered as most popular one and must visit tourist point. Pachmarhi is a popular tourist destination among domestic tourists. Here we can find tourism activities through out the year. It is a natural water fall deep below valley, reached with the help of jeep to some distance then foot steps. There are many water falls in Pachmarhi, but no one is like Bee falls, as the waters of a perennial stream tumble down 35 meters, giving a spectacular view to all those nature lovers who come here, there are many water falls around Pachmarhi, but the beauty of falling a narrow stream of water from a great height, and when it looks like falling melting silver, this all make Bee Falls alike to other. Getting here in summers could be auspicious time for all those nature lovers who ever wanted to feel the chillness of being close to the Mother Nature.

If we goes back to the history of this place, Pachmarhi is relate to be with one massive event from Mahabharata, legend articulate that the Pandavas stayed in these hills at the time of there exile. There are some caves around this place depicting the archaic-ness of this place very beautifully. If we talk about modern history, tribal people lives here who almost remain cut from general public. They full fills their needs from the forests of Satpura hills. In 1857, on famous freedom revolt during British India, army officer Captain James Forsyth reached this place in search of freedom fighters and introduced it to western world. Since then Army has its base here.


Reaching Bee Fall by Air :-

Bee Fall is located in Pachmarhi. For reaching Bee Fall by air, one can reach nearby airports at Bhopal (220kms), Jabalpur (260kms)and Nagpur (290kms)
(in Kms)
Bhopal 220
Jabalpur 250
Kanha National Park 380
Bandhavgarh 430
Pench National Park 260
Indore 410

Reaching Bee Fall by Train/ Railways :-

Nearest railway station for Bee fall and Pachmarhi is Pipariya railway station (50kms). It is located on Mumbai-Howrah track where one can have direct trains for Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Agra, Gwalior, Bhopal, Indore, Varanasi, Nagpur etc. On reaching Pipariya railway station, visitors can either take bus, public carrier jeeps or hire taxi which will take them to Pachmarhi and Bee Fall. Usually it take 01:30Hrs to reach Pachmarhi from railway station.

Reaching Bee Fall by Bus / Roadways :-

Pachmarhi has direct bus service to Pipariya which is nearest township. From Pipariya, you can get direct bus for Bhopal and other nearby town like Narsingpur, Kareli, Gadarwara. Bus connectivity from cities like Nagpur, Indore, Jabalpur and Bhopal is not so good. Taxi is the best solution to visit Bee Fall & Pachmarhi.


Given below weather forecast is for Jabalpur city which is 250kms from Pachmarhi. Weather at both the places i.e. Jabalpur and Pachmarhi, remains almost some but temperature of Pachmarhi is little bit less by 2 to 4°Cel. due to hilly terrains.


Bee Fall is a evergreen water fall in Pachmarhi and remain accessible throughout the year. Tourists can visit this waterfall in any time of year but you can enjoy bathing under this waterfall in summers when cold water from height gives you soulful relaxing feeling. During monsoon season, bathing is not suggested as speed of water flow is high and also water gets muddy. So best time to visit is from October to June.


Their are number of government and private hotels as different cost level. Here you can find number of cheap and standard category hotels. State tourism department have 6-8 heritage hotels at nice locations. They are actually British era bungalows turned hotels having large open gardens, lawns and natural surroundings. Private hotels are almost at concentrated places in congested location.


After visiting Bee Fall one can visit other tourist spots of Pachmarhi like Pandav Caves, Reechgarh, Jata Shankar, Bade-mahadev, Gupt Mahadev, Duchess Fall, Handi Khoh etc. After completing Pachmarhi sightseeing, one can drive to Bhedaghat near Jabalpur city, Kanha National Parj, Pench National Park, Bhopal, Bhimbetka Rock Shelter, Sanchi Stupas etc.

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