Bori Wildlife Sanctuary



Bori wildlife sanctuary is part of Satpura tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh, Central India. It lies in southern slopes of Satpura range. Wildlife sanctuary was established in year 1975 with area of 646 sq. kms. With the introduction of resorts and safari lodges, Bori forest is gaining popularity among wildlife lovers. It is just 140 kms from Bhopal and well connected by road transfer option. It lies in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh and seen as upcoming wildlife tourism destination under Madhya Pradesh tourism. It is nestled with Tawa river with rustic landscapes. This part of tiger reserve is not as much hilly as jungle accessible through Madhai entrance gate of national park. In addition to this, it also offers some historic sites visit which is an added advantage of visiting this wildlife sanctuary. Famous Satpura national park lies in north of Bori wildlife sanctuary where as Tawa river makes its western boundary. This sanctuary is also the part of Pachmarhi Biosphere reserve thus it of great importance to the nature and wildlife of Central India.


Reaching Bori Wildlife Sanctuary by Air :-

Nearest airport to Bori wildlife sanctuary is Bhopal airport, at a distance of 160 kms and well connected by road. In addition to this, second best option is Nagpur airport at a distance of 240 kms. Both the airport have very good flight connectivity option thus we can easily travel by flight option to save our time and effort. Further journey is possible by tourist cab service.

Route Distance in Kms.
Bori Wildlife Sanctuary to Bhopal 150
Bori Wildlife Sanctuary to Itarsi 55
Bori Wildlife Sanctuary to Pachmarhi 190
Bori Wildlife Sanctuary to Satpura National Park (Madhai) 110
Bori Wildlife Sanctuary to Bhimbetka Rock Shelters 110
Bori Wildlife Sanctuary to Sanchi 210
Bori Wildlife Sanctuary to Pench National Park (Touria Gate) 310
Bori Wildlife Sanctuary to Omkareshwar 310
Bori Wildlife Sanctuary to Nagpur 240
Bori Wildlife Sanctuary to Tadoba National Park 330
Bori Wildlife Sanctuary to Melghat Tiger Reserve 240

Reaching Bori Wildlife Sanctuary by Train/ Railways :-

The nearest railhead to Bori wildlife sanctuary is Itarsi station at a distance of 55 km which is quiet okay distance to travel at anytime of the day. Itarsi railway station is important junction thus very well connected by trains from all major cities and tourist destinations of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, Jabalpur, Bhopal, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Varanasi, Indore etc.

Reaching Bori Wildlife Sanctuary by Road

Bori wildlife sanctuary is close to Betul & Hoshangabad cities thus all the roadways connecting to Betul or Itarsi cities will be good to reach this destination through surface transport option. In fact those coming by flight or train, have to use cab transfer to reach their actual resort or lodge thus its road connectivity is good. It is very well connected by large cities like Bhopal and Nagpur. Road condition is good and remains open in all seasons..


Bori wildlife sanctuary is a wildlife tourism destination thus jungle safari, village visit, historic sites visit are the main attractions of this destination. It offers variety of flora and fauna during jungle safaris. Here major faunal diversity includes Tigers, Leopards, Blue Bull, Chital, Barking Deer, Four-horned Antelope, Wolf, Crocodile, Indian Gaur, Chinkara, Sloth Bear, Wild Dogs (Dholes), Hyena, Indian Fox etc. Similarly in floral species we can find mixed deciduous forest type which includes Sal, Bija, Teak, Bamboo, Tendu, Bel trees. In addition to this, pre-historic rock paintings, ancient temples & structures are also the popular tourist attractions. Apart from all this, nature walk is also an additional activity to do during stay at Bori wildlife sanctuary.


Minimum (°C)
We can experience all major three climatic conditions in Bori wildlife sanctuary. Here we can experience winters from November to mid of February. This is considered as the good time for safari holidays. In winters, early morning and late evening hours will be cold thus woolen dress is highly recommended during winter trips. During jungle safaris, all standard and deluxe lodges provide blanket also for convenience of guest. With the sunrise, temperature rises rapidly thus we will not considerable difference in daytime & night temperatures. Here summers begins with March month and lasts till mid of July month. During this period, temperature remains high with heat waves. During summers day temperature rises to 45 deg. cel. or more thus evening safaris is more challenging. As all safari vehicles are open to sky thus we need to have proper full-sleeve dressing to avoid direct sunlight and heat waves contact. With the mid of July month, we can expect Arabian sea monsoon which continues till end of September.


Bori wildlife sanctuary is open for visitors from October to June month. Majority of tourists visits national park from November to April months thus it is considered as the best time to visit Bori wildlife sanctuary. Here tourism is increasing slowly as accommodation options are limited and people are not much aware of it. With the introduction of private lodges, it is now gaining popularity thus we can expect more tourism in coming years. Bori wildlife sanctuary has very good history of tigers thus now also we can expect better tiger sighting in compare to Satpura national park which is located on north of sanctuary. In past, this area is also populated with Cheetahs whose reference comes in many books written by British India officers who use to visit this forest for hunting expeditions. They had also mentioned that tiger population of this part of forest was good which means today also Satpura tiger reserve tiger density will be comparatively more in this wildlife sanctuary.


Hotels in Bori wildlife sanctuary are limited. It is an upcoming wildlife tourism destination thus slowly new private hotels are venturing into this region. Here Bori Safari Lodge and Goldmark Resort Churna are the popular accommodation option, available to tourists. While staying at these resorts, tourists can undertake the jungle safari drives. 


Bori wildlife sanctuary is located on south of Satpura national park and part of Satpura tiger reserve. After visiting this wildlife sanctuary, tourists have option to visit Satpura national park (Madhai gate), Pench national park, Melghat tiger reserve, Pachmarhi, Bhopal, Sanchi, Bhimbetka Rock Shelters etc. 

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