Chambal Valley with Chaturbhuj Nala


Chaturbhuj nala rock painting

Chambal valley is located in North & Eastern part of Madhya Pradesh state. This river passes through three states i.e. Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan thus river valley also cover three states. It passes through that region of Central India, which is know for its dry and arid conditions thus it is very important source of water through which this valley passes through. It covers major area of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan thus its role is more in these two states where as in Uttar Pradesh, it get connected with Yamuna river thus its importance is less in this state.  Within Madhya Pradesh, it passes through three districts i.e. Bhind, Morena and Sheopur in Northern region of state where as in Easter region it passes through Mhow, Dhar, Mandsaur region. If we look at its flow we will realize that river flows from South-West of Central India to North-East direction. Famous Chaturbhuj Nala Rock Painting site is located in this same river valley thus we can say that it is one of the ancient river valleys in India where human civilization was present. It lies in Mandsaur district and major highlight of Madhya Pradesh Tourism.

Chaturbhuj Nala Rock Painting

It is a popular rock painting site at Bhanpura Nagar Panchayat in Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh. It lies in Western Madhya Pradesh, close to the state border of Rajasthan. Thus if you are in Rajasthan or Madhya Pradesh, you can easily visit this ancient archaeological site. Chambal river acts are inter-state border in North-Western part of Madhya Pradesh. After crossing Nagda city, Chambal river meets Kshipra or Shipra river, coming through Ujjain town. With joining of Shipra river, its flow increases and it reaches Gandhi Sagar dam in Mandsaur district. It is a huge dam, where MPSTDC has recently developed its new accommodation facility called Hinglaj Resort. This dam is just adjoining to Rajasthan border. After Gandhi Sagar Dam, river moves further to nearby Rana Pratab Sagar Dam of Rajasthan state. Apart from main Chambal river, their is separate nullah also which connects both the dam reserviors and it is called "Chaturbhuj Nala". It is a rocky region through which water flows. While traversing through this nullah, we can find rock-paintings on both the sides of rocks. It is long stretch thus considered as the largest rock painting site of Madhya Pradesh state. Here natives are of Bhil tribe who is having dominance in this region. They are tribal people thus well adapted to these conditions and having great local knowledge.

How to reach

Chaturbhuj Nala is located in Bhanpura nagar panchayat of Mandsaur district in Madhya Pradesh. As it is close to inter-state border of Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan, thus can be accessed from both the cities. This region is accessible through taxi vehicles only. Let us find various ways to reach this hidden gem, by various modes of transport.
Nearby Airports: Udaipur Airport (230kms), Indore Airport (280kms) Nearby Railway Stations: Kota Station (110 kms), Mandsaur Station (130kms) Nearby Bus Stands: Kota Bus Stand (110kms), Mandsaur (130kms)


Here MPSTDC has developed a magnificent accommodation facility called "Hinglaj Resort". It is a deluxe category of resort at very scenic location, offering best view of Gandhi Sagar Dam. It is the only best accommodation facility at this location.

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