Chousat Yogini Temple Jabalpur


Chousat Yogini temple in Bhedaghat is a popular tourist attraction. Out of three important places to see in Bhedaghat, it is one of them. It is about 25kms from Jabalpur and often considered as part of Jabalpur sightseeing. At Bhedaghat we can visit to Panchvati ghat for boating, Dhuandhar fall to see water-fall and enjoy ropeway ride and Chousat Yogini temple to trace its rich cultural background. "Yogini" formally means a female practitioner of Yoga or a term used for modern enlightened female spiritual teachers in both Hinduism and Buddhism. Alternatively, a "Yogini" is also considered to be the sacred feminine force as a sacred incarnation of Goddess Parvati. They are revered in yogini temples of India as the eight Matrikas or the sixty four yoginis. At some places, the yoginis are considered to be followers of a secret cult. Considered very powerful, yoginis were often considered to be sorceress capable of causing destruction. There is thus a secrecy and awe while discussing them.


Yogini Temple Jabalpur

One of the oldest heritage sites in India, Chausath Yogini Temple is situated on a hilltop in Jabalpur. The temple was constructed during the reign of Kalchuri Dynasty at 10th century and was mainly made with local granite. Mughal invaders, later on, destroyed and defaced this beautiful statues. The temple is the abode of Goddess Durga along with 64 yoginis or shaktis considered to be the different forms of the Goddess. Though the temple has been partially damaged, it speaks greatly of the ancient dynasties that ruled in Jabalpur. A story about this temple was prevailing in fact I am not sure about it truthiness but it is depend upon hearing. When Mohammed Gauri was destroying the temples of Indian Continent, he reached Jabalpur too in approximately 11th . He was destroying this temple to due to his religious faith and money. He destroyed all the Yogini's Statues but when he went to the central temple of Shankar and Parvati sitting on Nandi Bull was unable to destroy due to honey bees attack as a miracle. Then he realize the power of God and he went away from here. There are about 150 stairs leading to the temple. The temple consists of a circular structure with an inner diameter of 116 feet and an outer diameter of 131 feet having a commanding view of the neighbouring river Narmada. The temple cloister consists of 84 square pillars and has an arrangement of 81 cells and 3 entrances, two on the west and one on the south-east. It is said that this temple has 81 and not 64 yogini statues. The statues of the Yoginis stood in the cells around the periphery of the temple. The statues have all borne the ravages of time with some of the statues completely defaced and in some others, a large part of the statues were missing. The Temple had the Gauri Shankar temple at the center. The Gauri-Shankar temple was constructed about two centuries later; probably by queen Alhanadevi in 1155 (an inscription is found on a slab). The temple contains the stone idol of Shiva and Parvati riding a bull. Such image can rarely be seen in rest of the India. At most of the Lord Shiva temple, we can find Lord Shiva alone.

A visit at the Chausath Yogini temple remunerate for the boat ride at the Marble rocks. The view from the temple was quite serene and the greenery around is soothing to the eyes. Most of the idols of the Yoginis are in various stages of bulldozing, but whatever remains shows the art and sculpture of Kalchuri period. It is indeed so remarkable that these mud and stones speak volumes of the era that has gone!


Currently, there are 4 Chausath yogini temples in India, two of which are in Orissa at Hirapur and Ranipur and remaining two are in Madhya Pradesh state. Madhya Pradesh Yogini temples are – one at Khajuraho and the other at Bhedaghat, Jabalpur and second one is at Khajuraho. The 64 Yogini temples at Bhedaghat is considered to be the largest one among the four. Khajuraho yogini temples are not part of main Western Group of temples and Eastern Group of temples. It is separately located thus separate visit is required to visit them.


Here we have shared information about how to reach Chousat Yogini Temple. As mentioned above, it is approx. 25kms from Jabalpur city and can be travelled by road transport options like city-bus, taxi cabs, own vehicles etc. It lies in Bhedaghat Nagar Panchayat and well connected by road option.

By Flight Its nearest airport is Jabalpur Dumna Airport which is approx. 40kms from Chousat Yogini temple. Jabalpur airport has direct flight connectivity from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad. After reaching Jabalpur airport, tourists will travel by taxi from Jabalpur airport to Chousat Yogini temple. We provide taxi service from Jabalpur airport to Bhedaghat.

(in Kms)
Jabalpur City 25
Kanha NP 200
Bandhavgarh 210
Amarkantak 265
Pachmarhi 240
Satpura National Park 240

By Train Chousat Yogini temple lies in Bhedaghat nagar panchayat. This village is small by have their own railway station in name of "Bhedaghat". As it is a small station so most of the trains do not stop here thus Jabalpur is the nearest popular railway station, used for reaching Bhedaghat. It is very well connected from all major cities and tourist destinations like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai, Bhopal, Sawai Madhopur, Varanasi, Gaya, Howrah, Pune, Hyderabad etc.


By Road

Chousat Yogini temple lies in Bhedaghat village. It is approx. 25kms from Jabalpur. Its nearest city is Jabalpur which is connected by two different road options. Tourists coming by bus, can reach Jabalpur Bus Stand and may change bus to reach Bhedaghat. Its nearby tourist destinations, connected by road option are Kanha national park, Bandhavgarh, Amarkantak, Pachmarhi, Satpura National Park , Bhopal, Khajuraho etc.



Their are 3 places to visit in Bhedaghat i.e. Chousat Yogini temple, Panchvati ghat and Dhuandhar. After visiting yogini temple, tourists can visit to other two places. After visiting all 3 points, tourists may visit to Bargi Dam, Gopalpur village temple, Muria Math, Dumna nature reserve etc. Other distant tourist destinations are Pachmarhi, Bandhavgarh, Kanha national park, Satpura national park, Khajuraho, Panna national park, Amarkantak etc.


Bhedaghat lies on the bank of Narmada river. Here we can experience all 3 seasons i.e. winters, summers and monsoon season. During peak monsoon season, Narmada river gets flooded for few days during which access to Bhedaghat become difficult for some hours/days. In such time, we can witness the violent look Narmada river. In monsoon season, boating remains closed from July to September. According to monsoon season, Bhedaghat Nagar Panchayat takes decision, when to close to open boat ride in river. In case of heavy rainfall, Dhuandhar waterfall also disappears due to rise in water level in Narmada river.


Chousat yogini temple is open for visitors in all season. During monsoon season, in case of heavy rainfall, road link to Bhedaghat disrupted for some hours thus during that period, we may not be able to visit the temple but otherwise it remain accessible. Summers and Winters are the best time to visit Chousat yogini temple. Please note that boating at Marble Rocks is closed during the monsoons. Here moon-light boating is offered only on day of Sharad Poornima festival. Although they have light arrangements but still moonlight boating is not allowed in other days.


At Bhedaghat, limited accommodation options are available. Madhya Pradesh tourism department's hotel "Motel Marble Rocks" is the best Bhedaghat hotel option, offering scenic view of river valley and rocks. Other options are available but not offering good services.


After visiting Chousat Yogini temple, tourists have option visit many surrounding tourist destinations like Amarkantak, Bandhavgarh, Pench national park, Kanha national park, Pachmarhi, Satpura national park, Bhopal, Panna national park, Khajuraho etc.

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