Gadpahra Fort


Gadpahra Fort is low profile fort in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh. It is about 10kms north of Sagar city. While going from Sagar to Lalitpur, via Malthone, we can visit this ancient fort to trace the history of this destination.In past, during peak of Gondwana kindgom, they have 52 Garhs scattered all over Central India region. During rule of Gond King Sangram Shah, Gondwana Kingdom was at its peak. During that period, this region was flourishing township and thus popular among surrounding rulers.


After Sangram Shah, Dangi Rajpoot seized this district and took control over the region. Their control over the region was not so long and it once again became the part of Garha Kindgom of Madhya Pradesh. During rule of Narendra Shah, who was 57th king of Gondwana Kingdom. Gadpahra became the part of Gonds. It past this region was also called Old Sagar in which 300 mauja (land measurement criteria) are included. As it shares its boundary with Bundelkhand region so they always remain in ontact, druing Bundela rulers of Orchha. This fort is located on small hill-top through which soldiers use to keep eye on the movement of people, passing by groups, movement of neighbouring army, During visit to this fort, we can see Hanuman temple at entrance gate and Sheesh-mahal. Here both the structures are in good condition and on every Tuesday, devotees use to visit this Hanuman temple. Here Sheeshmahal was very well designed and was used for summer stay.

Popular Story of Gadpahra

As per local people, their is a popular but tragic story related with this fort and its rulers. As per the story, a gypsy couple was in this kingdom. Showing acrobats is their profession and source of earning. They organized many amazing shows in the kingdom and gain popularity. When King came to know about it they invided them to fort to show their acrobats. King offered them a challenge in which they have to walk on the rope, connecting two distant sites separated by valley. As per challenge, if they will succeed, then king will donate half of this kingdom to them as reward. But queen was not in favor of this challenge and was afraid of loosing the 50% of kingdom. On a fixed day, rope was tied and wife of acrobat couple, begin her walk, over the rope and completed 50% of the distance, successfully. On watching this, queen treacheously cut the rope and thus lady acrobat fell down from considerable height due to which she get badly injuried and before death she cursed the king for cheating and prayed that kingdom will vanish very soon. In sway of sorrow, husband also laid his life their. Later, the kingdom got vanished due to different reasons. Story is true of myth, no body knows but local people believe that it is a true story. 

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