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Bandhavgarh is famous for their wildlife but as well as it has great feature of Mythology. The history of Fort is not clear but it mention in the epic that Lord Rama Was also stopped here between returning to Ayodhya. As the epic mention Rama was the founder of Bandhavgarh Fort. In terms of later history, Rewa Baghel rulers, ruled from Bandhavgarh till 1617 when Maharaja Vikramaditya Singh moved the capital from Bandhavgarh to Rewa. Here is many things to see as Bandhavadheesh Temple, Fort, Treasury, Moti Mahal, Statues of Vishnu, Machli Temple etc. Saint Kabir spend much time here to meditate. A Temple of Kabir and a Kabir chora were built there in his memory One of the enlightened saints of the 16th century was Kabir. He chose the Bandhavgarh fort ancient caves to meditate and dwell in it. No one knows why but everyone feels that there must be something magical there and in its forests. These caves carry inscription in Pali language, which was written and spoken around 2000 years back. He was here during the reign of the Baghel ruler Virbhanusingh, who apparently became a disciple of saint kabir. Dharamdas, the wealthiest merchant of Bandhavgarh, was also his follower. The monuments with which kabir is associated are the kabir temple and kabir Talab seen over here, and kabir gufa, a place where he meditated for several years, situated about 2 km from here. Of late, his modern - day followers have started holding large gathering here.
The Kabir Panth (sect) began organizing its first mela. It has now become a regular feature of Bandhavgarh. The festival is held in honor of Kabir, a 16th century holy man who lived on the premises of Bandhavgarh Fort. The Follower of Kabir Panth Comes here in a large amount. They use Charanganga stream for all their daily rituals. Most people stayed for several nights, living without proper toilet facilities. According to the Forest Department, more than 14,000 people entered from Tala gate. They walked all the way up to the fort temple and Kabir Chaura. Bamboos were cut for walking sticks. At the fort, there is a Kabir temple where the saint spent most of his time and meditated more often and took discourses for some of his very close disciples. Dharam Das Naam Sahib was one of his first disciples who was initiated at the Bandhavgarh fort. There is also an interesting story as to how Kabir gave his salutation to whole Central India. When Kabir arrived in Bandhavgarh, Maharaja of Rewa did not know how to greet him as Kabir was not a Brahmin by birth and the Maharaja could not have touched his feet. Kabir greeted him by “Salaam Sahib” and solved the problem instantly. This salutation became the most famous and most common salutation in central India thereafter.
Kabir Temple lies in hill-top, inside core zone of Bandhavgarh. It can be reached through safari vehicle only, after permission from Forest Department. Now a days, it is closed for normal tourists.
By Flight: Bandhavgarh nearest airport is Jabalpur Dumna airport and second option is Khajuraho airport. Although Umaria town (37kms) have small air-stip which is used for small charter plains but not commonly used by visitors. Further journey from Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh or Khajuraho to Bandhavgarh can be done by taxi option. We provide tourist taxi service from both the destinations.
(in Kms)
Kabir temple Bandhavgarh to Umaria 40
Kabir temple Bandhavgarh to Katni 105
Kabir temple Bandhavgarh to Jabalpur airport 190
Kabir temple to Panna National Park 220
Kabir temple to Khajuraho 260

By Train: Nearest railway station from Kabir Temple is Umaria station, at a distance of 38kms. Second best option is Katni railway station (110kms) and thrid option is Jabalpur station (190kms).

By Road: Kabir Temple is connected by road option. Its nearby towns are Tala Village, Umaria city, Katni city, Maihar town, Satna city. Tourists can travel by road, from all these towns and cities. Actual temple is inside forest core zone area thus, normal bus will not be available to reach this temple. We require safari jeep with due permission from Field Director of park, to visit this temple. However, in Kabir Mela time, devotees are allowed to enter in bare foot, to visit Kabir temple, without need for permission.

Kabir Temple is inside Tala safari zone of Bandhavgarh. Here tourist attraction or activity is only jungle safari. While doing jungle safari drives, we can enjoy mammals sighting, birding, wildlife photography and local village visit. It is tourism restricted area thus despite of all amazing monuments, we can't visit this site during normal jungle safari drives.
Kabir temple lies in Tala zone which lies in core zone category thus it can be visited only from October to June month. However this part of forest is closed for normal tourists. Normal public can only visit this ancient temple during Kabir darshan yatra in which forest department allows normal public to visit Kabir temple of Bandhavgarh to pay their worship.

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