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Madan Mahal fort is a popular tourist attraction in Jabalpur city of Madhya Pradesh. It is associated with Gondwana dynasty of central India who ruled over this region for many centuaries. Now a days, same Madan Mahal fort is also referred as Rani Durgavati fort. As we know that Madhya Pradesh state is having different geographical conditions. Most of the heritage monuments like forts, palaces, cenotaphs, architectural temples etc. are found mainly in Northern & Western Madhya Pradesh as that area is dry and rocky. Raw material required for building constructions is easily available in that region. At the same time Southern & Eastern region is more green, forested and having fertile land due to which monuments are comparatively less in this region. Madan Mahal fort lies in Jabalpur city which is located in same region i.e. South-East of Madhya Pradesh. This regions was mainly ruled by Gond tribe & Kalchuri rulers. Most of the monuments are of Gond dynasty rule. Madan Mahal fort is also one of them located in hills of Jabalpur city. Madan Mahal fort was built in 11th century, during of Gond rule in Central India. As per its name it is not a large fort but we can consider it as a fortified garrison at top of hill from which whole area could be viewed. It was basically used as Gond military post to keep eye on nearby areas and check any military expedition toward their region. During Gond rule in Central India, it was actively used as military outpost. Now a days it is a historical monument in Jabalpur city and important place to visit during city tour. It is open throughout the year for visitors and could be visited in Day time.


Madan Mahal fort is constructed in 11th century under the rule of 37th Gond ruler Madan Singh. Although Madan Mahal fort is named as fort but basically it was a military post which was used as watch tower and military barrack. Main fort was in plains called Garha fort. It was the Garha fort where Kings and royal family members use to stay. During of Madan Mahal fort visit, we can see the structure having rooms, stables, secret passages, ancient scripts, corridors etc. All these arrangements indicated that it was basically a military post where army men and their horses are kept.


Madan Mahal fort is located inside Jabalpur city of Madhya Pradesh state. Jabalpur city is well connected by road, train and flight options. On reaching Jabalpur city, it would be reached conveniently, either by city bus service, self-vehicle or by tourist taxi cabs. For Madan Mahal fort sightseeing, we arrange tourist taxi service for tourists in which they can visit the fort complex and many other city tourist attractions. Reaching by Flight:-

The nearest airport to Madan Mahal fort is at Jabalpur, which is 22 km away from fort complex. Pre-paid taxi services are available fromthe Jabalpur airport to Madan Mahal fort.
(in Kms)
Route Distance (in Kms)
Jabalpur Airport to Madan Mahal Fort 22 Hotel Narmada Jackson to Madan Mahal Fort 09
Bhedaghat to Madan Mahal Fort 22 Hotel Vijan Mahal to Madan Mahal Fort 11
Pachmarhi to Madan Mahal Fort 250 Kalchuri Residency to Madan Mahal Fort 8
Bargi Dam to Madan Mahal Fort 40 MPT Marble Rocks to Madan Mahal Fort 27
Bandhavgarh to Madan Mahal Fort 190 Jabalpur ISBT to Madan Mahal Fort 9
Kanha National Park (Khatia gate) to Madan Mahal Fort 170 Jabalpur Railway Station to Madan Mahal Fort 8

Reaching by Train/ Railways :-
Nearest railway station for reaching Madan Mahal fort is Madan Mahal railway station which is just 2.5kms from fort. It is located inside Jabalpur city. Some long route trains do not stop in this railway station so second best option is to reach Jabalpur railway station which is main railway station for Jabalpur city. It is just 10kms from fort. It is well connected with popular cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur, Hyderabad etc.

Reaching by Bus / Roadways :-
Madan Mahal fort is located inside Jabalpur city area so all the buses reaching Jabalpur city are suitable for visiting fort complex. Jabalpur is well connected by bus service from important cities and towns like Bhopal, Indore, Nagpur, Damoh, Katni, Panna, Amarkantak etc. For visiting inside city, local city bus service is available.


As already mentioned that Madan Mahal is located in Jabalpur city so other tourist attractions includes nearby balancing rock, Bhedaghat, Dhuandhar waterfall, Chousat Yogini Temples, Pisanhari Jain Temples, Rani Durgavati Museum, Gwarighat, Kachnar City Temple etc.


Here Winter season can be experienced from December to February. Summer season prevails from March to June where as Monsoon season can be experience from July to October. Here rainfall is average to heavy but very rare possibility of any flood situation. It remain accessible throughout the year.


Best time to visit Madan Mahal depends upon the climatic condition. For tourism in this reason best travel time is from October to March month. As it is a heritage tourism destination so it can be visited in any season.


Their is no hotel at Madan Mahal fort site but for accommodation, tourists have many options in Jabalpur city. All is close to all major Jabalpur city hotels.
After visiting Madan Mahal fort, tourists have option to visit Balancing rock, Pisanhari Madhiya Ji Jain temples, Gwarighat, Bhedaghat, Chousat Yogini temples, Lamhetaghat etc.

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