Narsinghgarh Fort


Narsinghgarh fort is located in Narsinghgarh township which lies in Rajgarh district, close to Bhopal city. It is approx. 90kms north-east of Bhopal city and well connected by road. It lies in Madhya Pradesh state which is also called heart of India. Setup of city is around 300 years old. The Gadhi of Narsinghgarh belongs to Bhagwan Shri Raghunathji (Bhagwan Shri Ram). Here actual ruler of Narsinghgarh, ruled the state in the name of God Shri Raghunathji Maharaj and treated himself as his Dewan or minister to manage the worldly affairs.  This fort-palace was the official residence of rulers till Maharaja Bhanu Prakash Singh shifted to his town house i.e Bhanu Niwas in year 1962. Since then, it is abandoned fort where visitors comes to see this magnificent fort complex, which is in good condition. Apart from fort, other places to visit are Raghavji Temple, Parshuram Sagar, Ganesh Temple, Raghunathji Temple, Narsingh temple etc.


The town Narsinghgarh is dediced to lord Narsingh avatar of God Vishnu. It was founded in year 1681 by Dewan Parasram who was son of Raja Chhatar Singh of Umatwara. After partition from Sate of Rajgarh, Dewan Parasram Ji named this state in the honor of God Shree Narsingh who was worshipped as their family god also. Thus, during development of city, they also constructed a separate temple in honor of Shri Narsingh Bhagwa and also constructed a. This fort was developed by using three different fort styles i.e. Rajpur, Malwa & Mughal. This fort palace has an area of 45.323 acres of land in which built in area is more than 17700 sq. feet. Here a tank was also created and named Parasram Sagar. Rulers of Narsinghgarh fort were also Rajputs and were connected directly or indirectly with other Rajput families of India. Here is the list of rulers of Narsinghgarh:

  • Rawat Paras Ramji (1681-95): He was a capable ruler who established fort, temple, tank and township.
  • Rawat Dalel Singhji (1695): He died in year 1695 due to some issue. It was the shortest period of ruling in this dynasty.
  • Rawat Moti Singhji (1695 - 1751): He ruled successfully for 56 years and died in year 1751.
  • Rawat Khuman Singhji (1751-66): He was able ruler. During his tenure, Mughal power declined and thus was able to intensify his position in this region.
  • Rawat Achal Singhji (1766-95) : He married to the daughter of Maharaja of Udaipur. He was believed to be brave and wise ruler and died in year 1795.
  • Rawat Sobhag Singhji (1795 - 1827): Till his tenure, British forces had gained power in this region thus he had to work hard to manage balance with rising forces by doing new treaties. He is also married in same Maharaja of Udaipur family. He had illness issue due to which his son took charge of administration at early age, but died in an war against British India.
  • Raja Hanwant Singhji (1827 - 73): He was adopted from Batkhera by the dowager Rani of Late Rawat Saheb in year 1827. Hanuwant Singh was generous, noble & intelligent ruler with great administrative capabilities. He managed to maintain good relations with British Government and died in year 1873.
  • Raja Pratap Singhji (1873 - 90): After Hanuwant Singh Ji, Raja Pratap Singhji took over the control and ruled till 1873 which is a short duration. He was son or Bhawani Singhji & Rukhmani Kumari.
  • Raja Mehtab Singhji (1890 - 95): He was the only surviving son of Hanuwant Singhji so took over control of kingdom from year 1890 till 1895. He was popular among general public and was of helpful nature.
  • Raja Arjun Singhji (1895-1924): Till this time British India Government was ruling over India and thus they selected Arjun Singhji as successor from Bhatkhera. He was born in year 1887 and studied in Ajmer, Indore & Dehradun.He was having one son and three daughters. Her died in year 1924.
  • Maharaja Vikram Singhji (1924 - 57) : He was born in year 1909 and tookover the charge of kingdom from 23/Apr/1924. He also studied in Ajmer and Indore colleges. He maintained good image in his kingdom as kind hearted ruler who maintained good relations with other rulers of India. He was the ruler who signed the accesion to the Dominion of India in 15/Aug/1947 and signed agreement to form Madhya Bharat on 15/June/1948, along with other rulers. He died in year 1957.
  • Maharaja Bhanuprakash Singhji (1957): He was son of Maharah Prabhunath Singhji of Khuwankheri and adopted by Maharaha Vikram Singhji in year 1942. He was born in year 1929. After death of Vikram Singhji, Bhanuprakash took over the charge in year 17/July/1957. He was also an well educated Maharaja, studied in Ajmer, Indore and Agra. Just like many other Maharajas, he also joined politics by becoming member of Congress party and held many portfolios successfully. Later he as posted as Governor of Goa. He was also fond of sports. He died in year 2019 in Indore.


As mentioned, it is 300 years old when township was established. After partioned from State of Rajgarh, Parasram Ji built this magnificent fort to establish it as his capital of Narsinghgarh which lies in between Bhopal & Kota cities which is stratigically important location. This multi-storyed fort is spread over an area of 45.323 acres of land. Major construction was done on an area of 17700 square feet area in which 304 rooms were available for use. Here in this fort building, we can also find 4 large halls, 12 chowks and 64 verandah areas. Whole fort was constructed on an elevated plateform, at a height of 350 ft. from town level. It was the thrid biggest fort of Central India. For or Mandu and Gwalior are bigger than this fort thus we can understand its importance in this region. In his peak time, Narsinghgarh fort was counted among best forts of Parmar ruling princes of India. In night hours, once fort was lighted, its reflection comes on the water tanks which further enhances its grand look. Ffrom safety point of view, it is surrounded by hills and three lakes. Popular Jabalpur- Jaipur National Highway passes through this region. Since it is occupied by royal family till 1962, its condition is good and thus worth to visit this place.

How to reach

As Narsinghgarh is just 90kms from Bhopal so it is the best place to reach for visiting this fort and township. This place is located in North-Eastern part of Madhya Pradesh state and well connected by road option.

By Flight: If you are planning to come by flight option then we suggest you to reach Bhopal Airport as it is nearest one from this place. Raja Bhoj Airport of Bhopal is well connected by major cities like Mumbai, Delhi etc. Further journey from Bhopal airport is possible by cab.

By Train: Here also we recommend you to reach Bhopal or Habibganj railway stations due to their good train connectivity and further journey will be done by cab.

By Road: Narsinghgarh is well connected by road, from Bhopal, Indore, Guna, Jhalawar, Kota, Jaipur. 

Best time to visit

Narsinghgarh is a heritage tourism destination thus it is open for visitors, throughout the year. It is surrounded by three lakes and forested land thus most of the tourists prefer to visit in months of August to March when it offers scenic surrounding view, along with fort sightseeing. It is also the best time to visit Madhya Pradesh.


As Narsinghgarh is a small township so here we can't expect any good hotel for accommodation. Majority of tourists visits this place as excursion tour, while staying at hotel in Bhopal. Thus best way to cover this destination is to stay in Bhopal hotel and do it as day excursion trip.

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