Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary



Nauradehi wildlife sanctuary lies in almost centeral of Madhya Pradesh state, about 100kms west of Jabalpur city. It is spread over approx. 1197 sq. km. area which is largest one in Madhya Pradesh state. It is mainly a dry mixed-deciduous forest type with teak forest dominating the region. Recently it gained popularity when it was selected as probable site for Cheetah reintroduction project but finally Kuno national park was finalized. Nauradehi. This wildlife sanctuary is basically popular as good birding site with healthy population of wolf, leopards, sloth bear, nilgai, spotted deer, marsh-crocodile etc. It was declared as wildlife sanctuary in year 1975. This forest is connected with many other national park, through wildlife corridors like Panna national park, Satpura national park, Madhav national park, Kuno national park. This is the reason behind opting Nauradehi forest and Kuno Palpur forest for Cheetah relocation. If we go by the history of Nauradehi forest, we will find that till beginning of 19th century, Asiatic Lions have their presence in this belt ranging from Gwalior to Sagar district and thus it is suitable habitat for Cheetah relocation.


By Flight

If you are traveling by flight option then best suitable option is to reach Jabalpur airport (JLR) just 100kms from Nauradehi wildlife sanctuary. Further journey is possible by tourist cabs. Second best option is to reach Bhopal airport (240kms).
(in Kms)
Jabalpur to Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary 100 100
Sagar to Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary 70
Panna National Park to Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary 210
Satpura National Park (Madhai Gate) to Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary (Mohli gate) 220
Pachmarhi to Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary 235
Bhopal to Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary (Mohli gate) 240

By Train

Nearest railway station for visiting Nauradehi wildlife sanctuary are Sagar railway station (SGO), Narsingpur railway station, Jabalpur railway station (90kms).

Reaching By Bus

Tourists can reach Mohli gate of Nauradehi wildlife sanctuary by bus but it is not frequently available thus we recommend to use own vehicle, if staying nearby city. If you are coming from other tourist place, nearby railway station or airport then we highly recommend you to us tourist taxi service to reach entry gate for safari drives.

Safari Timing

Here in Nauradehi wildlife sanctuary, safari timing is basically begins 30 minutes before sunrise in Morning round which lasts for 4:00 hrs and Evening safari round begins from after noon till 30 minutes after sunset with duration of approx. 3:00hrs. As sunrise and sunset timing varies with season thus accordingly safari timings also changes with season. Here we have share safari timing as per our past experiences:

Duration Morning Safari Evening Safari
October to November 06:30 - 11:00 Hrs 15:00 - 18:00 Hrs
December to January 06:30 - 11:00 Hrs 15:00 - 18:00 Hrs
February to April 06:00 - 11:00 Hrs 15:00 - 18:00 Hrs
May to June 06:00 - 11:00 Hrs 15:00 - 18:00 Hrs


Here we have tried to prepare a Nauradehi wildlife sanctuary mammals checklist. Given checklist  shows the list of mammal species that can be seen during jungle safaris in safari zones. Many mammals can be seen in day safaris where as some noctornal species, which can be seen during late evening buffer safaris. It is not possible to see all of them in few rounds of jungle safaris.
Common Name Local Name Scientific Name
Tiger Bagh / Sher Panthera tigris
Leopard /Panther Tendua / Gulbagh Panthera pardus
Jungle Cat Junglee Billi Felis chaus
Blue Bull Nilgai Boselaphus tragocamelus
Indian Gazelle Chinkara Gazella gazella
Four-horned Antelope Chowsingha Tetraceros quadricornis
Blackbuck Antelope Kala Hiran Antilope cervicapra
Wolf Bhediya Canis lupus
Indian Wild Dog Dhole/Sone Kutta/Jungle Kutta Cuon alpinus
Jackal Gidhar / Siyar Canis aureus
Indian Fox Lomdi Vulpes bengalensis
Sambar Sambar Cervus unicolor
Spotted Deer Chital Axis axis
Muntjac/Barking Deer Kakar Muntiacus muntjak
Striped Hyaena Lakar-baggha Hyaena hyaena
Sloth Bear Bhalu / Reech Melursus ursinus
Common Langur Langur Presbytis entellus
Rehus Macaque Bandar Macaca mulatta
Wild Boar Junglee Suar Sus scrofa
Small Indian Civer Kasturi Viverricula indica
Common Palm Civer Kasturi Paradoxurus hermaphroditus
Honey Badger Kabar Bijoo Melivora capensis
Ruddy Mongoose Nevla Herpestes smithii
Common Mongoose Nevla Herpestes edwardsi
Indian Pangolin Chinti Khor Manis crassicaudata
Indian Tree Shrew Bans Gilahri Anathana ellioti
Grey Musk Shrew Chachunder Suncus murinus
Fulvous Fruit Bat Chamgadar Rousettus leschenaulti
Flying Fox Chamgadar Pteropus giganteus
Indain False Vampire Chamgadar Megaerma lyra
Indian Pipistrelle Chamgadar Pipistrellus coromandra
Five-striped Squirrel Gilahri Funambulus pennati
Indian Porcupine Sehi Hystrix indica
Indian Mole Rat Chuha Bandicota bengalensis
Indian Hare Khargosh Lepus nigricollis


For bird watchers, Nauradehi wildlife sanctuary will be a paradise. Here we can find more than 150 species of birds which increases in winters when migratory birds visit this amazing site. Due to presence many rivers, streams and marshes, we can find many birding sights during safari at Nauradehi forest. Some of the popular sightings are of Open-billed Stork, Painted stork, White -rumped Vulture, Long billed vulture, Egyptian Vulture, Barred Jungle Owlet, Spotted Owl, Indian Spotted Eagle, Greater coucal, Indian Pied Myna, Pied Bushchat, Common Myna, Eurasian Hoopoe, Grey Francolin, White Breasted Kingfisher, Stork-billed Kingfisher, Indian Peafowl, Black-winged Kite, Jungle Crow, Asian Green Bee-eater, Red-wattled Lapwing, Yellow Wagtail, Long-tailed Shrike, Indian Silverbill, Scally breasted Munia. If you are more interested in vultures, then visit Dongargaon range of Nauradehi as this part of forest is most popular spot for Vultures sighting. You can have good sighting of Great Cormorants during monsoon period like from September to November months


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Best time to visit Nauradehi wildlife sanctuary is from November to March months. This best time has been recommended on the basis of climatic condition and chances of animals and birds sighting. Due to low popularity, here crowd or safari permits availability are not the criteria to determine the best season thus we have better criteria i.e. probability of good photography, birding, mammals and reptiles sighting. 


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As Nauradehi or Noradehi wildlife sanctuary is wildlife safari destination thus for wildlife lovers, nearby safari destinations are Panna national park- Madla Gate (210 kms) and Satpura national park- Madhai Gate (220 kms). Both the popular national parks are on two different sides thus at a time, you can select any one of them. In addition to this, other popular places to visit are Pachmarhi hill station, Bhedaghat, Sanchi Stupa, Udaigiri Caves, Khajuraho temples etc.

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