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Omkareshwar in Madhya Pradesh is popular as Jyotirlinga site due to which it is visited by thousands of devotees. Here Mamaleshwar Temple is the actual place where devotees can find Jyotirlinga. The eternal god, Lord Shiva is being worshiped most in Hinduism, known to be a god of destruction. Omkareshwar, is a sacred island of Lord Shiva, called Mandhata or Shivapuri, situated 78 km from Indore, the financial capital of central Indian state Madhya Pradesh, on the bank of holy Narmada River. The island got a shape of “OM’ by the two lofty hills, divided by a valleys, ‘OM’ which is a sacred Hindu symbol, also known to be a sound which given the birth to this whole universe and living being. Omkareshwar is second Jyotirlingam of Madhya Pradesh State after Mahakaleshwar in Ujjain and one in out of twelve Jyotirlingam across the India. This is another abode Heaven of Lord Shiva, Thousands of devotees comes here everyday, let alone the figure of millions which increases at festive time like ‘Mahashivaratri’. This place has a very old history of being its pilgrimage, which relate from an event during 10th of century AD. According to it, Parmar King Udayaditya installed here four stone inscriptions with some holy couplets on it, then the temple were known as Amaleshwar Temple, some ‘Shiva Mahima Couplets’ can also be seen on those inscriptions. Lord Shiva, the name alone is everything in itself, he considered to be the most powerful & destructive god amongst all Hindu deities, he is the one who believed to be born of itself, simultaneously he is also very innocent god, who never need any special worship, customary rituals or dedication from his devotees, an utterance of Mantra ‘Om’ or couple of tri-leafs of Bael (Aegle marmelos) or if nothing then to only recall him from a pure heart can be enough to conquer his heart. There are many names & tags that he owns, one of them regarding him as the ‘lord of Death’, the one who has the control over birth and death, which is why he is most adorable amongst Hinduism, he rules over whole universe, giving ‘Moksha’ to Living being, which meant to be ultimate door of getting off to the cycle of birth and death, Mahashivaratri (Grand night of Shiva) is a biggest celebration and festival of this temple and city. Millions of visitors around the world come here at the occasion of Mahashivaratri to feel the celebration with god, to realize the immense power of Lord Shiva (the creator of Universe). The term ‘Jyotirlingam’ derived from the first appearance of lord shiva on earth, which was resembled as the Lingam ‘the piller of light’.
Omkareshwar Temple is situated about 80 km far from Indore which is a district of central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh,also known to be the financial capital of the state. There are three main modes of traveling Ujjain below -
By Flight Ahilya-devi airport in Indore is the nearer one which is about 80 km from Omkareshwar, this airport has wide domestic & international air connectivity; there are frequent flights for national capital Delhi, Mumbai & other major cities of India.
(in Kms)

By Train:Nearest rail-head is Omkareshwar Road (12 km) on the Ratlam-khandwa section of the Western Railway. Omkareshwar can be reached by either Khandwa Railway Station, which is about 78 km down south to the Omkareshwar, and lies on the west-central railway line, or Indore Railway Station is also equal far from Omkareshwar, which is one of the big rail-heads in central India.
By Road:There are many state owned & private buses ply between Omkareshwar to Indore (77km), Khandwa (78km), Ujjain (135 km).
Though one can visit this holy place of Grand Lord Shiva, at any time throughout the year, as thousands of devotees comes here everyday, but during the festive time and that too in Grand-Night of Shiva called Maha-shivaratri, which comes during February to March, brings a lofty numbers of visitors from around the globe, and so this can be the best time to explore the real divine charm of the city. During festival seasons, lighting and devotees crowd is in their peak and one should must see temple in such time. Most of the festivals lies in between October to March so it is the best time to visit Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga temple.
Omkareshwar is a small township where very few hotels are available for visitors. Here Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Hotel called "Narmada Resort" is the best available option for tourists else they can stay in public places in temples or dhrarmshala. If one could not get good accommodation facility in Omkareshwar, they may opt the option of staying in Indore hotels and visiting Omkareshwar as excursion tour.
Their are number of places to visit after Omkareshwar like Mandu, Maheshwar, Indore city, Ujjain, Burhanpur and may drive to Ajanta Caves or Ellora caves.  

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