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Chhatri of Raja Pratap Singh is located at Khajuraho town in Madhya Pradesh. While visiting UNESCO world heritage site of western group of temples in Khajuraho, we can this cenotaph, just opposite to it. Due to high popularity of western group of temples, tourists often overlook the surrounding attractions thus often overlooked by tourists. Its artistic design is eye-catchy thus it is a good subject for monument photography at Khajuraho. It was developed in later years of 19th century. During visit to this cenotaph, we will notice that its architecture is mixture of Rajputana and Bundeli style of buildings. Maharaja Pratap Singh was ruler of Chhatarpur state, which is very close to Khajuraho and after his death, his ashes were put here in garbha-griha (core compartment) of this cenotaph. Local guides have two version of stories about its construction. One says, it was built by same maharaja, during his lifetime where as another version says it was built by his son.


Reaching Pratap Singh Chhatri by Air :-

The nearest airport to Khajuraho monument is Khajuraho airport, which is just 05 kms Khajuraho town. Pre-paid taxi services are available from the Khajuraho hotel to Khajuraho airport. The only problem with this airport is of limited flight connectivity. If you don't find direct flight option then you have option to consider Jabalpur airport (280 kms) and Gwalior airport (320 kms). Both of these airports are having better flight connectivity and are located at feasible distance.
(in Kms)
Jhansi to Raja Pratap Singh Chhatri  200
Khajuraho Airport to Raja Pratap Singh Chhatri 05
Panna national park to Raja Pratap Singh Chhatri 30
Satna Railway station to Raja Pratap Singh Chhatri 130
Orchha to Raja Pratap Singh Chhatri 180
Maharaja Chhatrasal Museum to Raja Pratap Singh Chhatri 65

Reaching Pratab Singh Chhatri by Train/ Railways :-

In order to reach Pratap Singh Chhatri of Khajuraho by train option, nearest railway station is Khajuraho station at 8.5 kms. It is having direct train connectivity from Delhi, Bhopal, Varanasi. Still in comparasion to other city stations, connectivity is limited thus after this option, tourists often consider Satna railway station and Jhansi railway sation for their arrival to Khajuraho. Both of these stations are haviing good train connectivity. After reaching stations, further journey is possible by cab.

Reaching Pratap Singh Chhatri by Road/Bus :-

Khajuraho is well connected by road. Tourists can reach this cenotaph site by traveling on road. Here Khajuraho town have its own small bus stand which is having limited bus connectivity. Usually travelers first travel to Chhatarpur bus stand and then change the bus to Khajuraho or Rajnagar town. With the passage of time, now bus connectivity has been improved. Rajnagar is a small town, close to Khajuraho. So if you do not find bus to Khajuraho but getting bus to Rajnagar then also it is workable option. Those you are coming in their own car or cab, can easily travel to Bameetha turning on Jhansi-Panna route and from here take turn for Khajuraho. 


Pratap Singh chhatri is located in Khajuraho. It lies in Bundelkhand region of Central India. Its location is in northern part of Madhya Pradesh. This region is more rocky thus summers are more challenging. Here we can experience summers from March to mid of July. During this period, temperature increases to 47 Deg.Cel. with heat waves thus day sightseeing becomes challenging. After summers, we can experience monsoon season from mid of July to September. It is a good time to explore this region due to greenery in surrounding region. Winter period is from November to beginning of March month. Majority of tourism can be seen in this period.


Best time to visit Maharaja Pratap Singh Chhatri is from October to March. It is due to good climatic condition and festivals or holidays in India as well as in other countries. Major tourists, perfers this period of time to explore Khajuraho. Where as photographers prefer to explore this region from September to February to capture the monuments with lush green nature. Wildlife photographers opts to explore jungles in summers with high probability of tiger sighting in neighboring Panna national park.


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