Sanjay Dubri National Park

Fast Facts

Topic Short Description
Safari Season  01st October to 30th June
Best time to visit November to April
Nearest Airport Prayagraj (280kms), Jabalpur (270kms), Varanasi (275)
Nearby Railway Stations Beohari (30kms), Umaria (137kms), Katni (200kms), Satna (150kms)
Best time for Jungle Safari November to May months
When to plan 4 Months in advance
Safari options Open Jeep


Central India Tourism

Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve is another wildlife paradise, located in Kusumi and Majhauli blocks of the Sidhi district of Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The entire park is consist with Sanjay National Park, covers about 1674.502 sq. kms area, in which core area is of 812.571 sq.kms. Its name is Sanjay Tiger Reserve but as Dubri core zone is popular among visitors thus iti s also mentioned as Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve. It comprises Sanjay National Park, Sanjay Dubri Wildlife Sanctuary, village areas of Badkadol, Goli Pahri, Kundariya, Karwahi, Bastua, Piprahi, Pondi. The park established in 1975 under wildlife protection act of 1972, geologically features are plain, mounds, hills, steep cliffs, water bodies, valleys, deep gorges, while altitude ranges from 200-500m. This is basically a moist deciduous forest consisting mainly of Sal (Shorea robusta). The forest area of Sanjay Dubri is a main wild corridor connecting Bandhavgarh National Park’s wildlife at north and Palamau Tiger Reserve’s wildlife, but still there is strict need to ensure the peaceful transit of wild animals and conservation of connecting forest. Guru Ghasidas National Park, which falls in Chhattisgarh State area, shares its forest with Sanjay National Park on its northern boundary with Madhya Pradesh. Before the bifurcation of Madhya Pradesh the entire area of Guru Ghasidas National Park were unite with Sanjay National park. Prominent attraction of Sanjay Dubri national park is its mesmerizing landscapes, water bodies and handsome count of tigers.

How to reach

The park lies in Sidhi district of Central Indian State, Madhya Pradesh. It nearby popular township is at Beohari, which is also the popular railway station for local people. It we look at map of Madhya Pradesh state, we will find that tiger reserve area is spread over Vindhya mountain ranges and it lies in Eastern region of state, close from state border of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh state.

Reaching Sanjay Dubri by Air :-

For reaching Sanjay Dubri Tiger reserve, by flight option, their is no close airport option. You have option of 3 popular airports at almost equidistant from park. These airports are Varanasi airport (VNS) at 275 kms, Prayagraj Airport (IXD) at 280 kms and Jabalpur Airport (JLR) at a distance of 280 kms. Here you may also consider Khajuraho Airport (HJR) at a distance of 270 kms. Tourists can take decision as per the available flight connectivity options. Airport like Varanasi, Prayagraj and Jabalpur are considered well connected thus majority of tourists are using these options, as per their convenience. Approach road is good. Further journey from these airports to national park is possible by taxi vehicle.

(in Kms)
Sanjay Dubri to Varanasi 275

Sanjay Dubri to Prayagraj


Sanjay Dubri to Jabalpur


Sanjay Dubri to Bandhavgarh

Sanjay Dubri to Khajuraho 270
Sanjay Dubri to Amarkantak 220
Sanjay Dubri to Panna National Park 220
Sanjay Dubri to Satna 150
Sanjay Dubri to Chitrakoot 220
Sanjay Dubri to Rewa 115
Sanjay Dubri to Beohari 30

Reaching Sanjay Dubri National Park by Train/ Railways :-

Nearest railway station to Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve is Beohari (BEHR). It is approx 28 kms from Chamradol ticket counter of Sanjay Dubri national park. Popular Parsili resort of MPSTDC is just 32 kms from Beohari railway station. Second nearest option is Rewa railway station (REWA), 125 km far from the Dubri entrance gate for national park. Another popular railway connectivity option is Satna railway station (STA) at a distance of 150 kms from Parsili resort of MPSTDC. If Bandhavgarh national park is in your itinerary then you may also consider Umaria railway station (UMR) for visiting Sanjay Dubri. It is at convenient distance of 137 kms from Parsili resort or Chamradol ticket counter.

Reaching Sanjay Dubri by Road :-

As we have already studied that Sanjay Dubri tiger reserve is spread over a vast area thus its nearest railway station or airport is not so near and despite of using any medium of transport, tourists have to undertake taxi journey to finally reach the Sanjay Dubri tiger reserve. Here one of the best accommodation option is Parsili resort so it is mostly used as a landmark to compare the distance from nearby cities or tourist destinations. Convenient taxi transfer is possible from nearby places like Rewa city, Sidhi city, Bandhavgarh national park, Khajuraho, Panna national park, Chitrakoot, Satna city, Prayagraj (Allahabad), Varanasi. Road condition is good and remains open in all the seasons.


The sanctuary has undulating topography. There are some small hills interspersed with plain areas. Soils are sandy in nature. There are a number of streams passing through the sanctuary; two of them i.e. Umaria and Kodmar are perennial in nature. These two rivers are the main source of water to wild animals. Banas river flowing in the western side of the WLS is an important water source. Bijaur nala flowing in northern side of the sanctuary retains water in some pools even during the summer. The Karjara and Khaini pond retain water throughout the year and are important water source for wild animals.


The forest of the sanctuary comprises 80 percent of sal forests and remaining 20 percent mixed miscellaneous forests. Sal (Shorea robusta) is the main species in sal forests. Due to dominance of Sal trees in this forest, it remains green in summers also so unlike Bandhavgarh, it is more green forest with good availability of water sources. Associated of sal include saja (Terminalia alata), Salai (Boswellia serrata), Mahua (Madhuca indica), bija (Pterocarpus marsupium), Semal (Bombox ceiba), Gurjan (Lannea coromandelica) and Sisham (Dalbergia sissoo). Bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus) occurs in several places. The species of trees occurring in the lower canopy include aonla (Emblica officinalis), achar (Buchanania lanzan), Kari (Cliestanthus collinus), Khair (Acacia catechu), palas (Butea monosperma) and tendu (Diospyros melanoxylon).


Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve is spread over a large area and is rich in faunal species. During jungle safari in Sanjay Dubri, we may find it difficult to photograph mammal species but it does not means that animals are not their. Here jungle safaris were undertaken by very few people till year 2017 and it is significantly increasing from this year, after introduction of Kamli tigress, from Bandhavgarh. Due to less jeep safaris and human presence inside core zone has actually reduced the mammal sighting probability. Wild animals always tries to stay away from areas of human presence. Due to less jeep rides, mammals are not familiar with their presence and thus ran away into from safari trails. Still their is always chance of some animal sighting inside the park. The species, which is recorded in a large number, is the Indian gazelle or Chinkara, Nilgai or Blue bull are in abundance. Three kinds of deer species i.e. Chital, Sambar and the Barking deer are found in the tiger reserve. Wild boar is found in large numbers. Here Sloth Bear sighting is also good in evening safaris.

Mammal Species Common Name Local Name Scientific Name
Cats Tiger Bagh / Sher Panthera tigris
Leopard /Panther Tendua / Gulbagh Panthera pardus
Jungle Cat Junglee Billi Felis chaus
Antelopes, Gazelles Blue Bull Nilgai Boselaphus tragocamelus
Chinkara Chinkara Gazella gazella
Four-horned Antelope Chowsingha Tetraceros quadricornis
Elephantidae Indian Elephant Elephant or Hathi Elephas Maximus Indicus
Dogs Wolf Bhediya Canis lupus
Indian Wild Dog Dhole/Sone Kutta/Jungle Kutta Cuon alpinus
Jackal Gidhar / Siyar Canis aureus
Indian Fox Lomdi Vulpes bengalensis
Deer Sambar Sambar Cervus unicolor
Spotted Deer Chital Axis axis
Muntjac/Barking Deer Kakar Muntiacus muntjak
Hyaena Striped Hyaena Lakar-baggha Hyaena hyaena
Bears Sloth Bear Bhalu / Reech Melursus ursinus
Apes, Monkeys,Lemurs Common Langur Langur Presbytis entellus
Rehus Macaque Bandar Macaca mulatta
Pig Wild Boar Junglee Suar Sus scrofa
Civets Small Indian Civer Kasturi Viverricula indica
Common Palm Civer Kasturi Paradoxurus hermaphroditus
Weasels Honey Badger Kabar Bijoo Melivora capensis
Mongoose Ruddy Mongoose Nevla Herpestes smithii
Common Mongoose Nevla Herpestes edwardsi
Pangolins Indian Pangolin Chinti Khor Manis crassicaudata
Insectivores Indian Tree Shrew Bans Gilahri Anathana ellioti
Grey Musk Shrew Chachunder Suncus murinus
Bats Fulvous Fruit Bat Chamgadar Rousettus leschenaulti
Flying Fox Chamgadar Pteropus giganteus
Indain False Vampire Chamgadar Megaerma lyra
Indian Pipistrelle Chamgadar Pipistrellus coromandra
Rodents Five-striped Squirrel Gilahri Funambulus pennati
Indian Porcupine Sehi Hystrix indica
Indian Mole Rat Chuha Bandicota bengalensis
Hares Indian Hare Khargosh Lepus nigricollis

Most popular Royal Bengal Tigers are found in this tiger reserve. Some of the popular tigers of Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve are T5, Kamli tigress, Karnavat, T16 etc. Dominant tiger of national park is T5 tiger, covering huge territory and has killed Panna tiger in past, during territorial conflict. It is very less photographed. Here Kamli tiger is star attraction, during jungle safaris. Here leopard sighting is poor. Wild dogs were seen up to 1986 in the sanctuary but these are not seen any more. Hyena being nocturnal and shy in nature is found but rarely seen. Sloth bear is common sight in many localities. Among the primates, rhesus macaque and Hanuman or common langurs are of common occurrence, among other mammals, Indian field mouse, squirrel, porcupine and flying squirrel are seen quite often. In our above given mammals checklist, you will notice the name of Wild Asian Elephant where as it is a fact that they are not native to Madhya Pradesh. It is true but we have given them place in our checklist as they use to come from Chattisgarh state and spend their post monsoon, winter and pre-summer period in this national park. This trend is going on since many years, on regular basis. Spending 5-6 months in Sanjay Dubri is a considerable long time they have .

The rivers carry several species of fish. Among reptiles, garden lizard, chameleon, skink, Bengal monitor, etc. are commonly seen. Among snakes, common cobra, common krait, Russell viper, saw scaled viper, rock python and rat snake are of common occurrence.

Avi-fauna of the WLS have not been systematically studied, but the sanctuary provides a good opportunity to the bird watchers. Several species of birds like herons, egrets, white-necked stork, white ibis, whistling teal, kites, eagles, harrier, vultures, partridge, quail, jungle fowl, lapwings, sand pipers, pigeons, doves, parakeets, cuckoo, owls, nightjars, kingfishers, paradise fly catchers, myna, munia, warblers, baya, sun bird, etc. are found in the WLS.

Tourist Attractions

Sanjay Dubri National Park tourist attractions is virgin wildlife. Nice sighting of Sloth bear & Black buck in some selective areas is the best attraction of this park. It is linked with Bandhavgarh forest corridor so tigers are present here and often gives hints of their movements. It is good for those who are fedup of crowded national park and like to visit wildlife reserves with peace and calm. Birdwatching at Sanjay Dubari nationa park is good and one can do photography with an ease. Popular Son Gharial sanctuary is also the part of Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve so we have chance to explore this sanctuary also. Famous Parsili resort is in same Son ghariyal sanctuary. Banas river passes through this sanctuary, adjoining to campus of Parsili resort which offers great experience of Bare Foot Walk on sand of Banas river. It is unique experience for tourists. One more interesting place, close to Badkadol entrance gate is Gopad veiw point. It is a view point offers picturesque view of Banas river and forest area from hill top. You can sit on bench and enjoy this site and capture it on your camera. Kath Bungalow is another attraction, which can be visited here. It is an old bungalow structure, just 5 kms from Parsili resort, reachable by car. Here MPSTDC has erected the structure of canteen, which will get operational soon.

Climate & Weather

The area experience tropical climate conditions with basic three main seasons which as winter, summer & monsoon. Winters starts from mid of October and lasts till mid of February, it is recommend that winter can be sever during December to January as mercury dips below 5 °C. Summers starts from mid of March and lasts till mid of June, the temperature within summers can be reach at the higher level of 42 to 43 °C. While the Monsoon brought the Rain in the area from July and showers continues to pour the water till the end of September to October.

Best time to visit

As we know that Bandhavgarh national park is just 90 kms from Sanjay Dubri national park  and forest is connected thus local conditions are almost similar in both the national parks. It means if you are visiting Bandhavgarh national park then you have option to visit Sanjay Dubri forest also. It is open from visitors from 01 October to 30th June. If you are wildlife photographers and intend to do landscape photography, birds photography, nature photography then I will recommend you to visit the park from Mid of October to January month. It is best time to watch migratory birds. As river is passing through this forest so birding is its main advantage over Bandhavgarh. But if you are more inclined towards Tiger photography then summer is appropriate time i.e Mar-April-May- Mid June months. Here you will not face any ticket crisis so you can visit with safari assurance, in any season.


As we all know that Sanjay Dubri is an upcoming destination so we can't expect too many hotel options. Still we can find reliable hotel in Sanjay Dubri national park. It is Parsili resort of MPSTDC. As if now, it is the only and best option for stay in Sanjay Dubri. Parsili resort is very well furnished resort on the bank of Banas river. We can rate this hotel as Standard or Deluxe category as here we can find rooms and cottages. Some of them are river facing. offering picturesque view of Banas river and also allows easy bare foot walk , while staying at this resort.

Where to go next

If you are in Sanjay Dubri national park and want to explore more destinations, surrounding to this park, then we have many good suggestions for your. If you are wildlife lover of photographer, then you have option to visit Bandhavgarh (100kms), Panna national park. They both are popular tiger reserve and established names when we talk about tiger safari and tiger photography. If your interest is in culture or pilgrimage then you have option of magnificent Varanasi city, Prayagraj (Allahabad) city, Amarkantak, Chitrakoot option. These destinations are manageable travel distance and thus can be visited. If your interest is in heritage tourism, then we recommend you to drive to Khajuraho Temples

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