Tamia is a nature tourism destination in Madhya Pradesh. It is treated as hidden or offbeat tourist destination in Central India, which can be visited for nature tourism, rural tourism, adventure tourism and tribal tourism. Being a hidden gem, it is less crowded tourist destination where we can do trekking, village visit, nature walks and excursion to Patalkot valley. Stay in Tamia hotel offers scenic view of sunrise and sunset. It is located on the travel route connecting Chhindwara city to Pachmarhi hill station. It is a hilly region, part of Satpura hills in which popular tiger reserves like Kanha tiger reserve, Pench tiger reserve and Satpura tiger reserves are located thus natives are tribal people. Location of Tamia is almost in southern region of Madhya Pradesh and thus easily accessible from airport cities like Bhopal, Jabalpur and Nagpur.


Patalkot is located in Tamia tehsil of Chhindwara district in Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the prominent place to visit during Tamia tourism. As the name sugests, Patalkot simply means an underground fortress. It is a Hindi language name in which "Patal" refers to deep under the ground and "Kot" means Fortress or Palace. As it is located in a horse shoe shaped valley which is below the surrounding ground level, covering almost 79 sq.kms. area, thus it was named Patalkot. Here mainly tribal people had control who remained cut off from rest of the world thus remained a mystery for people. Here vegetation is dense and some rare medicinal plants are found in this region. As it is the same mountain line in which Pachmarhi is also located thus it is said that tribal rulers had underground passage, connecting Pachmarhi region to Patalkot. Its reference also comes in Hindu epic Ramayana also where it is described that Meghnad or Indrajeet, son of King Ravana, visited Patal lok, after worshipping Lord Shiva. As sunrays hardly reaches the base of this valley thus it is possible that this place were the Patal lok. Tribal rulers had control over this region who were against British rule in India. Earlier this region was under rule of Gondwana Kingdom. Later it came under the rule of Bhosle rulers of Nagpur. After Bhosle rulers, British India established control over this region by establishing cantonment area in Pachmarhi highland. Now a days, natives of this place are in full contact with outer world and living a normal life thus importance is of its location and scenic beauty. In order to visit Patalkot, Tamia hotel is used as the base for night stay and excursion tour is undertaken. We can start from Tamia to visit Chimtipur view point to have overview of region. Further to this, we can drive to Kareaam village, upto to which, vehicle is allowed. Further journey is possible by trekking, in company of local guide.

How to reach

Nearby Airports = Nagpur Airport (210 kms), Jabalpur Airport (230 kms), Bhopal Airport (260 kms)
Nearby Railway Stations = Chhindwara Station (60 kms), Pipariya Station (95 kms), Itarsi Station (150 kms), Jabalpur Station (220 kms)
Nearby Taxi Stand = Chhindwara (60 kms), Pachmarhi (90 kms)
Tamia is located on the travel route connecting Chhindwara to Pachmarhi or Pipariya town. While traveling from Kanha national park to Pachmarhi or Pench national park to Pachmarhi, we passes through Tamia.

Best time to visit

We can categorize Tamia as a hill station thus post monsoon period is considered as the best time to visit Tamia. It was the time when this region appears as covered with lush green carpet. During this time, all the local perennials, streams and water holes have sufficient water which enhances the beauty of this valley region. Thus we recommend to visit this place from September to March period.


Tamia is a hidden treasure which means, not much popular among tourism world. Thus arrival of tourists is very limited in this region due to which hoteliers didn't invested in this region and only good accommodation option is Motel Tamia, which is located on the main road, connecting Chhindwara to Pachmarhi. We can put this hotel in standard category. If you are looking for luxury or deluxe accommodation option, then you may select Pachmarhi hotels for stay and cover Tamia as day excursion tour.

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