If we do analysis of recent travel trends, we will notice that in post covid period, urban society is doing more getaways and tours, with family members and those who are single, prefers to join a group for outstation trips. Among the category of destinations, they prefers nature tourism or wildlife tours. Purpose is not just doing photography but also to reduce stress in life and feel relaxed, at least for some days. Thus now offbeat destinations are now more searched and visited so that we will give time for ourselves, do introspection. These releaxation tours are integral part of life to become more creative and focussed. Madhya Pradesh tourism is helping those tourists who would like to undertake tours for relaxation, introspection, isolation and would like to give time for there own. Such places are very helpful in our spiritual progress and mental peace. These destinations are totally different from our urban lifestyle thus experiencing a different world and living in that world, for some days will change our way of thinking and will definitely offer solution to most of our mental tensions and stress. Living close to nature in remote locations will must introduce a fressness in our life.

Destinations for relaxation

At Madhya Pradesh, we can find some best tourist destinations which offers real relaxation experience, during stay and one can drive the lie as per there conditions, away from outer disturbance. Here we have tried to prepare a list of such destinations, which may help you to plan a trip. In our given list, we have considered those destinations where we can have days of relaxation by doing trip with some changes like instead of enjoying the surrounding natural views, doing more walking activity in nature or village areas, reducing number of jungle safaris, watching the backwater views from hotel room or sitout areas, doing birding, watching morning sunrise and sunet by opting sundowner shows at resorts etc.

Destinations for Relaxation 
Amarkantak Chanderi Sanjay Dubri National Park Bargi Dam
Mandu Sailani Island Panna National Park Gandhi Sagar
Hanuwantiya Island Kutni Dam Satpura National Park  Udayagiri Caves