Can we do safari with baby or small child


safari with child

If you are planning for jungle safari tour in any national park of Madhya Pradesh and wandering if you can do jungle safaris with baby or small child, then just go through this information to clarify all your doubts. Given information on children age related restrictions, will be very helpful in tour planning for safari holidays.

Jeep safari with child

For jeep safari drives, there is no age related restriction thus tourists can travel easily with there child. Here park management team will not put any restriction on doing jeep safaris in Central India national parks like Bandhavgarh, Panna national park, Kanha national park, Satpura national park, Pench national park etc. It means children of any age can do jeep safaris. Still we believe that we should avoid peak winter or peak summer period for jungle safari drives with infants. Due to extreme temperatures, it may be very inconvenient for infant and when infant get inconvenient it is obvious that parents will become inconvenient.

Walking safari with child

Walking safari is a different way to explore and experience the adventure of being in forest area which are natural habitat of predators. In Central India region, walking safaris are offered in limited way due to threat of predator species presence. Still we have noticed that walking safari in forest is popular in national parks like Kanha national park and Satpura national park. Here tourists often choose to go for walking safari to explore the forest on foot and observe the nature minutely and slowly. It is very good experience to observe the attractions like plants, flowers, spiders, insect species, trees, birds etc. Here also park management advises to do walking safari with children above 12 years and avoid doing it with infants or below 12 years. Especailly in Satpura national park, walking safari of Madhai gate is offered in Madhai core zone thus here if child age is above 12 years, then they can apply for safari else park management will reject the request.

Boat safari with child

For boat safari, there is no age restriction. Here tourists can do safari with small children as it is more safe than walking safari.