How to choose the right stay option in Madhya Pradesh


It is common question that we will face while planning for a trip to Central India. Here confusion arises when travel agent or hotel booking websites uses the terms like budget hotel, standard hotel, deluxe hotel, boutique hotel, home-stays and luxury hotel. For first time planner, it is not easy to understand what services, amenities we can have in these categories and how to distinguish the categories. Here we are trying to help you out as per our experience and knowledge, for the Central India region.

Lets do analysis of stay options

Here we will try to do simple analysis of various accommodation options offered at different destinations in Madhya Pradesh, Central India region.

Stay Features Home-stays Boutique Budget Standard Deluxe Luxury
Price or Rate Low cost High cost, some time over priced Low cost Affordable High cost, sometime over priced High cost
Room size Mostly good in size Mostly 10x12 ft or more Check the size Mostly ideal in size Mostly ideal size like 12x12 ft or 12x15 ft. Good in size
Room amenities Need to check Good Need to check Good Very good Excellent
Overall service Must check reviews Good Check reviews Check reveiews Good Very Good
Personalized Experience Check reviews, sometimes very good. In forest areas, must follow reviews Mostly good, we can easily trust on them Check reviews Check reviews In city hotels, need to check reviews. At national parks, they are good. Mostly good
Restaurant facility Need to check Mostly available Usually available Good Very good Excellent
Meal Quality Simple meal Good Average Good Very good Excellent
Wi-fi facility Must check Usually offered in FOM area Doubtful Usually offered in FOM area Mostly available Mostly available 
Location advantage Usuall no advantage Good No advantage Check the location Usually with views Good locations
Early Check-in or Late Check-out Usually easy Usually easy Difficult Difficult Challenging Challenging
Swimming Pool Mostly unavailable Mostly available Doubtful Usually available Available Available
Security Strictly check reviews Usually good Check reviews Check reviews Good Excellent