How to plan for tiger photography tour ?

Almost all the wildlife tourists in Madhya Pradesh or Central India, visiting any national park, visits with high expectation to see tigers at there natural habitat. This one-sided love for tigers often results into high level of disappointment when we are not able to see this beautiful cat family member and tour get finished. Tiger sighting and photography is always a matter of luck unless you are VIP for forest department. For normal tourists, they can only take precautionary steps to enhace there probability by doing everything in advance. We can makes ourself lucky by planning and confirming the tour in 4 months advance period. Try to visit in period of Feb to June, confirm the tour by making advance payment in 4 month advance period and share ID details of all the visitors. This will result into booking of popular tiger safari zones permit. Second important step that we can take is to use option of safari-vehicle by choice option so that we can do safari drives with proactive driver, to enhance our sighting probability. For photography purpose, avoid sharing safari option and try for private (non-sharing) safaris. Try to enter into the park in appropriate time and always remain active with your camera. All the steps in collective way will result in to successful tiger photography tour.