Bandhavgarh Safari Zones


Read about popular safari zones of Bandhavgarh national park in Madhya Pradesh. As it comes under Bandhavgarh tiger reserve thus forest area is divided into core-buffer strategy. It means here we can find core forest and buffer layer of forests. Just for information, tiger reserve and national park are not the same thing. Tiger reserve is broader concept as it may include national park and adjoining wildlife sanctuaries where as national park is just part of a tiger reserve. This imaginary line of division ensures better wildlife management which in turn ensures better protection of wild animals. Part of core forest is divided into core safari zones and similarly part of buffer forest is divided into buffer safari zones. For tourism purpose, only 20% of total tiger reserve is allocated, rest of restricted for tourism thus only patrolled and undisturbed area. At Bandhavgarh national park, we can find 3 core zones and 3 buffer zones. Each zone have its own entry and exit gate.

Zone Category Zones Entry Gate (Full-safari) Entry Gate (Sharing) Adjoining Zones (Safari)
Core Tala Tala Gate Tala Gate Magadhi, Johila
Core Magadhi Magadhi Gate Magadhi Gate Tala, Dhamokhar, Johila
Core Khitauli Khitauli Gate Khitauli Gate Panpatha
Buffer Dhamokhar Parasi Gate No sharing Magadhi
Buffer Panpatha Pachpedi Gate No sharing Khitauli
Buffer Johila Chechpur / Gajwahi No sharing Tala, Magadhi

Core Zones

Bandhavgarh national park have both core forest and buffer forest area. Park have 03 popular core safari zones i.e. Tala zone, Magadhi zone and Khitauli zone. All these three safari zones are very popular among tourists and wildlife photographers. Due to least human disturbance, animals feel more secure at this forest thus core zones sighting probability is always more. Probability of poaching is always least in this forest area.

Buffer Zones

Layer of forest, surrounding to core zone forest is called buffer forest area. When this forest is divided into zones, we get core zones. Its inner boundary touches core zone and outer boundary touches to outer world. Many villages and hotels lies in buffer zone area. Due to human disturbance probability, here animals restricts there movement. Still territorial animals, when pushed out of its territory or sub-adults who are on the way to create there territory, spends part of there life in these buffer zone forest area. Many times, when tigress with 3 or 4 cubs shifts there area to these buffer zones to do cattle killings. Majority of poaching and man-animal conflicts occur in this forest area. Buffer forest given protection layer to core zone forest thus have important role in conservation efforts. Bandhavgarh buffer safari zones are Dhamokhar zone, Panpatha zone and Johila zone.