Best time to visit Bandhavgarh


Read about best time to visit Bandhavgarh national park for different category of visitors like tourists, wildlife photographers, bird-watchers, tiger safari. All they all falls under the category with they all do jungle safari with different mindsets. Their expectation and satisfaction from safari drives are different as their motive for safari varies. Bandhavgarh national park (core zones) are open for visitors from October to June month in which we mainly experience autumn, winter, spring and summer seasons. Every season offers different type of wildlife experience. Thus here visitors should plan the tour as per their safari purpose and best matching season. Thus best time to visit Bandhavgarh will be different for different category of visitors. 

Best time for leisure visitors

Best time to visit Kanha national park for leisure visitors is decided as per the climatic condition and availability of holidays in which they can enjoy their wildlife safari holidays. Majority of domestic tourists are of this category and their preferred visiting periods are October, December, April - May months.  Here large number of domestic tourists visit Bandhavgarh forest on family or friends trip to enjoy the festival holidays and good climatic conditions of October and December months. Festival like Durga Puja, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas, New Years date falls in these months. During month of April - May, climatic condition is hot but it is again the summer holidays time for academic sessions thus families perfer to use this time for outdoor trips. Tiger sighting is also high in summers thus large number of domestic tourists prefers this period of time.

Best time for tiger safari

It is one of the most favorite topic for wildlife lovers. Although tiger sighting goes throughout the season but still some period comes in every tiger reserve when tiger sighting falls for some days like 5-15 days. Many possible reasons behind such sudden fall in tiger sighting like death of tiger or cubs of that region, change in climatic condition like untimely rainfall etc. Here in Bandhavgarh, best time for tiger sighting is summers i.e. from mid of march to June month. In summers, tigers mostly seen around waterholes in morning and evening hours. In day-time, we me locate them in some shady marshy lands. Photographers prefers these months for their visit thus it is a peak tourism time for Bandhavgarh when all tickets get booked in advance. Even the time of February and March is considered good for tiger photography. This is spring period when we need to exercise more tiger tracking skills in compare to peak summers but reward is equally good. Tiger photographs of spring is far better than summers as during spring time, vegetation remains more green and various moods of tigers can be captured in this time. Where as main drawback of summers photography is that tiger spends hours on waterholes in same position in which half of the body remains underwater, away from picture thus almost similar types of photographs captures in this time.

Best time for bird-watchers

Bandhavgarh tiger reserve have more than 250 bird species in which majority of them can be seen nearby wetlands. Such wetlands or waterholes are limited in Bandhavgarh like Garhpuri dam, Bamera dam, Charanganga river belt etc. Insectivores birds can be seen around such locations. Where as for vultures and Malabar Pied Hornbill sighting, Bandhavgarh fort visit is highly recommended. Unfortunately, fort visit is closed for tourists. Best safari zone for birding in Bandhavgarh is considered as Tala zone, followed by Khitauli zone. Here large number of paradise fly-catcher can be seen in summers safari at Khitauli zone. Period of November of February is considered good for birding in Bandhavgarh.

Best time for jungle photography

If your interest is in jungle photography, then we recommend post monsoon period when lush green dense jungle can be witnesssed. Bandhavgarh received good rainfall thus here green foliage can be observed till March month. If your interest is in wildlife animals with backdrop of lush green jungle then October to November months are considered best. In this period, meadows areas are best to explore for herds of spotted deer. Their ruting period is mainly monsoon season thus we can witness their ending phase in October month. Period of Feb-March is spring time when winter ends and summers are about to begin and thus this changing phase of jungle, gradually reducing foliage density can be observed in this period. 

Best time to visit popular safari zones

Due to high popularity of Bandhavgarh national park, large number of tourists visits here. Drawback of such popularity is that late planners often don't get safari tickets in core zones and only buffer zones safari left for them which is last preference of tourists. Thus here we are pointing out those months in which we can expect to get safari tickets of popular core zones like Tala zone, Magadhi zone, Khitauli zone. Best time to get safari permits of popular safari zones are last week of November to mid of December, January-February months and June month.