Best time to visit Kanha


Here we have tried to answer popular question as what is the best time to visit Kanha national park for tiger sighting. Tourists visiting Kanha national park are from different mindsets thus matching to there expectation, best time to visit will also varies. National park is diveded into core- buffer zones. Core zones are open from October to June month thus majority of tourist arrival is recorded in this period. During monsoon, core zones will remain closed for tourists thus buffer zone forest is available for tourists, throughout the year. Within the core zone safari period from October to June, we can notice difference in nature of touists visiting Kanha national park like at some seasons, we will notice more Indian family tours, group tours season is different where as inbound (foreigner) tourists also seen frequently in certain months. This variation is due to difference in taste of visitors. Some tourists are coming for simple family holidays, some are coming for wildlife photography, tiger photography, some people are coming just to relax in jungle in holiday dates where as some tourists are visiting Kanha to have good time with friends or office mates in corporate conference at jungle resort. This difference in requirement decides the best time to visit for any individual or group. Here will try to analyze them in short way. 

Best time for nature tourism

Kanha national park can be visited with an intention to enjoy wilderness of forest, its scenic beauty, flowing water, dense vegetation etc. For this purpose, period from mid of November to February end is the best time to visit. Monsoon prevails from July till beginning of October month thus during post monsoon period, park remains are its best scenic beauty, greenery all over the forest, dense meadow area, plenty of water in forest rivulets. It is good time to do insects and reptiles sighting. Till March month, lower vegetation will start drying up, many small rivuletes will become dry and many trees will loose there leaves thus greenery will reduce. Thus greenery lovers should must visit in between November to February month. Photography done in this period offers lush green background thus liked by viewers. 

Best time for Tiger Photography

Tiger photography in Kanha national park depends upon the condition of vegetation, availability of water and climatic condition. If vegetation will be dense, water will be widely available and climate will be cold, then tigers restrict there movements to certain patches which are sometimes away from accessible safari trails thus despite of presence and jungle calls, we are not able to see them. Thus in period of October to January, its tracking is possible but sighting is not regular or frequent. When climate changes, vegetation dries up then our visibility improves. When water sources reduces, guides will be able to check known waterholes, pugmark bases tracking will become more easy thus tiger sighting probability increases which results into good tiger photography. Thus period from mid of February till mid of June, is the best time for tiger photography in Kanha national park. Photographers love to visit in this period.

Best time for Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is little bit different from just tiger photography thus this paragraph was made separately. Tiger photography is just one part of wildlife photography thus here tourist tries to photograph different subjects like jungles trails, trees canopy, fall sunlight through dense forest, vast meadows, herd of spotted deer, birds, rivulets, safari vehicles, hard-ground barasingha, langurs, sloth bear, leopards, Indian gaur and sometime if luck favors, we can photograph wild dogs also. Best time for such wildlife photography is from January to April. This period covers transition period from peak winters to springs and goes till summers. Photography done in this period are very good. Even the tigers photographed in this period are far better than the tigers photographed in peak summers. Tigress with baby cubs, tiger walking through trails, tiger crossing the roads, tiger doing scent marking etc can be frequently photographed.

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Best time for Birding