Best time to visit Mandu

Best time to visit

This destination is most visited during winters and monsoon season thus we can say that winter and monsoon season are the best time to visit Mandu. This conclusion is drawn on the basis of number of tourists visiting Mandu for travel purpose. During summers, due to high temperature and heat waves, tourists avoid traveling in this region.

Winters in Mandu

Large number of tourists, especially inbound tourists, prefers this season to Central India visit. World famous Mandu festival is also held on winters, considering the hype of tourism, in continuation of Chiristmas - New Year holidays. During the same period, Jal Mahotsav was organized in Hanuwantiya Island destination thus all these activities can be rope in to form a lovely tour plan of Malwa region. As Mandu is on hill top thus in winters, activities like cycling, walking can be better enjoyed.