Best time to visit Panna National Park


Panna national park is part of Panna tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh state. It is located in northern region of state. This national park is counted among must visit safari destinations under Madhya Pradesh tourism. As we all know that Central India region is specially popular for tiger safaris thus Panna forest also one of the important tiger safari destination of incredible Madhya Pradesh and attracts large number of wildlife photographers. Its core safari zones are open from October to June month which means we can do jeep safari in core zones, during this period.

Best time to visit

best time to visit Panna national park

As mentioned above, Panna national park core zones are open for tourists, from October to June month. It is a rocky region of Vindhya mountain range, with presene of many gorges which provides shelter and breeding ground for different vulture species. Here majority of tourism has been experienced in period of November to March period. After March month, due to summers, here temperature rises rapidly, after sunrise thus due to excessive heat in atmosphere tourists often feel challenging in doing jungle safaris for complete safari duration. Similarly due to rocky region and plateau geographical formation, here natural waterholes are very limited and Ken river plays main role as water source. Thus here tourists don't get the advantage of searching around waterholes and get the tiger sighting in early morning hours or late evening hours, as we do in near by national parks like Bandhavgarh or Kanha national park or Pench national park. Thus in peak summers, tiger sighting remains normal at the same time heat waves and high temperature poses challenge thus tourism decreases. So with this discussion we can say that best time to visit Panna national park is from November to March months.

Best time to visit