Butterflies in Panna


Butterflies in Panna national park

Panna tiger reserve lies in Vindhya ranges of Bundelkhand plateau area. Here we will find different landscapes like rocky regions, wetlands, agricultural farmlands etc. Such geographical conditions are ideal for healthy population of different butterfly species. While doing jungle safari drives in post monsoon season and winters, we can expect some good sighting of butterfly species. Panna tiger reserve forest offers variety of butterfly species like common gull, lemon pancy, the pioneer, spot swordtail, lime butterfly, common Indian crow, peacock pancy etc. Although Bandhavgarh national park and Panna national park forests are on same mountain range i.e. Vindhyan range but still we will find variation in vegetation and geographical conditions which results into variation in checklist of butterflies in both the tiger reserves. Some of the popular areas where ZSI (Zoological Survey of India) team searched for butterflies and local guides also recommends are like Ken river, Judi Nala, Talgaon, Pipartola, Katari, Jalar, Jardobha, Chhiwala Jhiria, Madla entry gate, Pandav caves, Nararan etc.

List of Butterflies in Panna

Here we have tried to arrange a checklist of butterflies that we may see at Panna tiger reserve area, at different locations. For butterflies sighting at any national park, just jeep safari is insufficient way thus here we need to do combination of activities like do the slow pace jeep safari, try to walk around wetlands, nearby villages, agricultural farmlands, cover the local ponds. Give checklist is based on records of Zoological Survey of India and knowledge sharing by some senior local safari guides.

Common Name Scientific Name Where to search
The spotless grass yellow Terias laeta laeta Madla gate, Jardobha, Chhiwala Jhiria, Judi nala area, Rampur dam near Baria, Pipartola, Pandav fall
The common grass yellow Terias hecabe simulata Chhiwala Jhiria, Judi nala, Ken river bank in Madla, Dhundhua fall, Kharrya
Red line small grass yellow Terias brigitta rubella Mahlen seha, Dhundhua fall, Ken river
The common wanderer Pareronia valeria hippia Madla gate, Raipura, Chandra Nagar, Badgadi, Chhiwala Jhiria, Toria village, Dhundhua fall, Ken river lodge campus
The Lemon emigrant Catopsilia pomona Dhundhua seha, Jardobha, Pipartola, Ken river bank Madla, Jhalar village, Madla gate, Khamariya
The African emigrant Catopsilia florella gnoma Rampur, Madla gate, Ken river bank, Judi nala
The mottled emigrant Catopsilia pyranthe pyranthe Ken river lodge campus, Madla gate, Pipartola, Judi nala, Ken river belt, Kharrya, Khamariya, Dhundhua fall
The Psyche Leptosia nina nina Pipartola, Madla gate, Madla Jungle Camp garden
The common gull Cepora nerissa phryne Jalar village, Jardobha, Pipartola, Chhiwala Jhiria
The Pioneer Belenois aurota aurota Pipartola, Madla gate, Hinouta gate
The spot swordtail Pathysa nomius nomius Katari, Judi nala, Talgaon, Jhalar
The common jazebal Delias eucharis Pandav fall area, Jhalar village, Nararan, Kharrya, Jardobha
The Lime Butterfly Papilio demoleus demoleus Chhiwala Jhiria area, Jhalar Talgaon, Judi nala, Ken river bank near Madla gate, Chandra nagar, Mahlen seha
The common mormon Papilio polytes romulus Madla gate, Pandav fall, Mahlen seha, Pipartola, Barer Hinouta, Chhiwala Jhiria
The crimson rose Pachliopta hector Ken river bank in Madla zone
The common three-ring Ypthima asterope mahratta Nudi nala, Dhundhua fall
The lesser three-ring Ypthima inica Madla gate
The common coster Ariadne merione Ken river bank in Madla, Pipartola
The common leopard Phalanta phalantha phalantha Jhalar Talagaon, Dhundhua fall, Jardobha, Raipura, Chhiwala Jhiria, Judi anal, Khakariya
The blue tiger Turumala limniace leopardus Ken river bank area
The common tiger Danaus genutia Pandav fall, Ken river bank, Tendu leaf lodge campus
The plain tiger Danaus chrysippus chrysippus Pandav fall, Judi nala, Near lake in Hinauta, Ken river lodge campus, Madla gate, Chhiwala Jhiria area
The common crow Euploea core core Pandav fall, Madla gate area, Ken river lodge campus
The common evening brown Melanitis leda ismene Madla gate and its nearby area
The Lepcha bushbrown Mycalesis lepcha lepcha Ludha nala Hinouta zone, Mehlen Seha, Pandav fall
The common bushbrown Mycalesis pereus tabitha Ludha nala Hinouta, Judi, Kharrya Hinouta zone, Dhundhua seha
The long brand bushbrown Mycalesis visala visala Hinouta zone, Dhundhua seha
The peacock pansy Junonia almana almana Pandav fall, Raipura Chandra nagar, Judi nala, Chhiwala Jhiria, Dhundhuan seha
The chocolate pansy Precis iphita pluviatilis Pandav fall, Mahlen seha, Badgadi, Judi nala
The grey pansy Junonia atlites Khamariya, Judi nala, Pipartola Talgaon, Jhalar village
The yellow pansy Junonia hierta hierta Pandav fall, Rampur dam near Baria
The lemon pansy Junonia lemonias vaisya Pandav fall, Chhiwala Jhiria, Near Judi nala, Rampur dam near Beria
The blue pansy Junonia orithya swinhoei Pipartola, Talgaon, Madla gate nearby area, Chhiwala Jhiria
The great eggfly Hypolimnas bolina Near Judi nala, Pipartola, Chhiwala Jhiria
The danaid eggfly Hypolimnas misippus Mehlen seha, Jardhobha
The common sailor Neptis hylas astola Jardobha, Ludha nala, Judi nala, Jhalar village
The baronet Symphaedra nais Judi, Raipura village, Chhiwala Jhiria, Pipartola, Khamariya, Dhundhua fall, Bargadi Hinota, Katari
The baron Euthalia garuda anagama Nararan
The black rajah Charaxes fabius Chhiwala Jhiria, near Judi, Kharrya
The tawny coster Acraea terpsicore Badgadi, Dhundhua fall, Mehlen Seha, Panda fall, Barer in Hinauta, Mota Chokhan Chandra nagar
The plum judy Abisara echerius suffusa Pandav fall
The common cerulean Jamides celeno aelianus Dhundhua fall and Pandav fall region
The common pierrot Castalius rosimon rosimon Dhundhua fall, Judi nala
The striped pierrot Tarucus nara Pipartola
The common silverline Spindasis vulcanus vulcanus Mehlen seha, Judi nala area
The common gauva blue Virachola isocrates Jardobha, Pipartola region, Near Judi nala
The common red flash Rapala iarbus iarbus Judi nala, Jardhobha near Hinauta forest
The grash demon Udaspes folus Chhiwala Jhiria
The palm darts Telicota ancilla Jhalar
The swifts Pelopidas mathias Madla gate, Ken river bank, Jardobha, Pipartola