How to reach Panna National Park


Here you will get information on how to reach Panna national park. This forest is spread over Madhya Pradesh state in central India, on Vindhya mountain ranges. It is a scenic forest due to the presence of famous Ken river with presence fo Marsh Crocodiles and Gharials at different locations. It lies in northern region of state thus easily accessible for visitors from Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan states. Those 

Information Details
Near by airport options Khajuraho airport (25 kms), Jabalpur Airport (250kms), Gwalior Airport (290 kms)
Near by railway stations Khajuraho station (24 kms), Satna station (100 kms), Katni station (150 kms), Jhansi station (210 kms)
Near by tourist destinations Khajuraho (30 kms), Bandhavgarh  (220 kms), Sanjay Dubri National Park (210 kms)

Distance Chart of Panna National Park

Here we have tried to share surface travel distance information for Panna national park. It is very helpful in planning of your tour plan and answers many questions, that can arise in the mind of tour planner. This will be helpful in planning places to cover before reaching Panna national park and what else we can visit, after Panna national park tour. Here we have tried to cover both the popular entry gates of national park that allows tourists to access core zones of Panna tiger reserve. Resorts are located on both the gates and these gates are far from each other thus planning without knowing your safari entry gate may create scope for mistake and lead to surprising inconveniences after reaching the national park. Thus here book your safari permit and resort as per a plan, matching to each other.

Travel Route Distance
(in Kms)
Travel Route Distance
(in Kms)
Khajuraho to Panna National Park (Madla gate) 28 Orchha to Panna National Park (Madla gate) 190
Khajuraho to Panna National Park (Hinouta gate) 60 Orchha to Panna National Park (Hinouta gate) 210
Lucknow to Panna National Park (Madla gate) 310 Kanpur to Panna National Park (Madla gate) 250
Gwalior to Panna National Park (Madla gate) 280 Bhopal to Panna National Park (Madla gate) 380
Bandhavgarh to Panna National Park (Madla gate) 250 Bandhavgarh to Panna National Park (Hinouta gate)  240
Jabalpur to Panna National Park (Madla gate) 250 Jabalpur to Panna National Park (Hinouta gate) 250
Sanjay Dubri NP to Panna NP (Madla gate) 200 Sanjay Dubri NP to Panna NP (Hinouta gate)  


Khajuraho to Panna National Park

Panna national park lies in 28 kms south-east of Khajuraho temples site. Many times, tourists staying at Khajuraho hotels, use to visit Panna national park as excursion tour. In such tour, they mostly visit to attend Madla gate jungle safari and return back to Khajuraho. At the same time, tourists also use Khajuraho as arrival and departure point for Panna national park. It is due to presence of Khajuraho airport and Khajuraho railway station options, just close to national park area. Further journey from Khajuraho to Panna national park is possible by road option only. Both Madla gate and Hinouta gates are well connected by road.

Delhi to Panna National Park

If you are in Delhi city and would like to visit Panna national park then you have option to visit by flight or train option. In this route, tourists uses different ways to visit Panna national park. Those who have low budget, uses fast train journey from New Delhi to Jhansi railway station (Virangana Lakshmibai Railway Station: VJLB) and further journey by taxi. Similarly, some tourists uses train journey from Delhi to Khajuraho railway station and further journey by taxi. Those who have paying capacity and like to save journey time, uses flight option to reach Gwalior airport or Khajuraho airport or Jabalpur airport. Further journey is possible by taxi only. Direct taxi transfer will be hectic due to long distance but road condition is very good.

Mumbai to Panna National Park

Tourists coming from Mumbai and would like to reach Panna national park, can travel by train or flight option. Flyers have option to use flight connectivity option from Mumbai to Jabalpur airport or Mumbai to Prayagraj airport option. Due to heavy traffic situation on Prayagraj route, flyers prefers Jabalpur airport airport option. In case both the options are not suitable then Gwalior airport option is also available for tourists. For train visitors, they may travel to Jhansi railway station, Khajuraho railway station, Satna railway station, Mahoba station, Jabalpur railway station, Katni railway station options. Direct road transfer is not advisible due to long drive.  

Pune to Panna National Park

Travelers coming from Pune uses both train and flight option. By train they can reach Satna station, Katni station, Jabalpur railway station and further use taxi transfer option. For flights journey, they have option to come to Mumbai airport and travel to Prayagraj airport or Jabalpur airport or Gwalior airport and further journey by taxi transfer.

Agra to Panna National Park

Panna national park lies in south-east of Agra city. It is connected by Bundelkhand express way thus sometimes tourists uses road transfer option to cover this journey. If you find it too long for road transfer then use train transfer up to Jhansi city or Mahoba station or Khajuraho railway station. Further use taxi transfer option to reach Panna resort. Due to not so long distance, flight option is not advisible on this route. If used, it will prove most costly then taxi transfer and time will also be almost close to it. Traveling is possible in round the clock on this route. We are operating tourist taxi service on this route.

Bandhavgarh to Panna National Park

Panna national park lies in north-west of Bandhavgarh national park and both are well connected by road option. Here train or flight option is not used. Here tourists are using only taxi transfer option. There is not direct bus service in between these national parks. If you are trying train transfer then it will prove highly time consuming journey thus most convenient  and preferred way is to hire taxi and travel via Katni - Pawai - Amanganj route. Journey is possible in all seasons at anytime. We are operating taxi service on this route.

Kanha National Park to Panna National Park

Panna national park lies in north of Kanha national park. Here most popular way to travel is taxi transfer. We don't advise for any train or flight option as instead to benefiting it will prove more time consuming and harassing. If you have charter option, then our advise is not for you. After Kanha national park transfer, tourists will choose Panna national park if they are not interested in Bandhavgarh visit otherwise tourists goes via Bandhavgarh stay. During taxi transfer, we travels from Kanha national park to Jabalpur city and then Katni town journey break and finally reach Panna national park. Here road consition is almost very good but about half of the way is through rural routes thus more zig-zag and from Mandla till Katni is highway thus we can move fast on this route. If you are traveling by taxi option, then we highly recommend to use large car transfer for better convenience and to save your time. We operate taxi transfer from all entry gates of Kanha national park to all entry gates of Panna national park.

Gwalior to Panna National Park

Panna tiger reserve lies in south-east of Gwalior city. Those coming to Panna national park trip, often uses Gwalior airport option to travel by flight and do further journey by taxi. Similarly, many tourists who are already on tour, coming from Agra, take stay in Gwalior, do local sightseeing and then moves towards Panna national park. We operates taxi service from Gwalior to Panna national park. Road condition is very nice due to Bundelkhand expressway connectivity so journey will be convenient. If your budget is low, then travel by train, from Gwalior to Khajuraho railway station and use our taxi for Panna national park.