How to reach wildlife


Read about how to reach various popular national parks of Madhya Pradesh, in Central India. As we know that no wildlife tour is considered complete without visiting tiger reserves of Central India. State of Madhya Pradesh and its adjoining regions are known as tiger country of India. When we talk about popular wildlife tourism destinations, we will find Madhya Pradesh national parks names on top of the list like Bandhavgarh, Kanha national park, Pench national park, Panna national park, Satpura national park etc. In region based touring like South India tour, North India tour etc. tourist may try to limit its tour, as per region and cover all type of popular destinations of that region but when it come to wildlife tour of India or Wildlife photography tour of India, tour itinerary must accommodates few national parks of Central India also. Thus it is important to know what are the different ways to reach these popular national parks of Central India, by different modes of transports like flight, train, cabs etc. Here we have tried to answer the question about reaching these popular national parks of Madhya Pradesh and surrounding states. Information is provided in short as many tiger reserves are covered here. For detailed information, reader may visit their particular web-page and reach more detailed information.

How to reach Bandhavgarh

When it come for higher probability of tiger sighting national park in India, Bandhavgarh is rated among top few natinal parks. It is located on Vindhya mountain ranges, in Madhya Pradesh state. Bandhavgarh forest lies in Eastern region of state and well connected by flight, train & road option. Its nearby airports are Jabalpur airport (180kms), Khajuraho airport (260kms). For flight traveling, these are best suitable airports. Further journey is possible by cab transfer. Its nearby railway stations are Umaria station (37kms), Beohari station (90kms), Katni station (100kms), Satna station (140kms), Jabalpur station (180kms). Further journey from these stations are possible by locally available cab or bus service. We are operating cab hire service from these stations to Bandhavgarh resorts. Those who are coming by cab are mainly from nearby places like Katni, Satna town, Jabalpur, Kanha national park, Khajuraho, Panna national aprk, Amarkantak etc.

How to reach Kanha National Park

Kanha is most respect national park due to its successful Hard-ground Barasingha population revival or Black bucks reintroduction in Kanha forest. Its management is very efficient and rules are followed strictly here thus tourists gives high regard to this national park. Its nearby airports are Jabalpur (190kms), Raipur (240kms) and Nagpur airport (300kms). All these airports are having very good flights connectivity, thus traveling by flight is easy. Its nearby railway connectivity options are Gondia station (140lkms), Jabalpur station (190kms), Raipur station (240kms), Nagpur station (290kms). Further journey is possible for cab transfer. We are providing this service to readers. Their are many places, from which, you can travel by cab also like Pench national park (200kms), Nagzire Navegaon tiger reserve (190kms), Bandhavgarh (260kms), Jabalpur (190kms), Raipur (240kms), Bilaspur (240kms), Nagpur (290kms), Pachmarhi (350kms), Tadoba national park (380kms) etc.

How to reach Pench National Park

Pench is often described as "Mowgliland" as living character, matching to the story of Mowgli, was found in Pench forest and Rudyard Kipling's classic "The Jungle Book" was inspired from that incidence. It is located on southern region of Madhya Pradesh, on to Madhya Pradesh-Maharashtra border. This national park is spread over both Madhya Pradesha and Maharashtra states. It close distance from Nagpur city has great impact on tourism of Pench national park. Majority of tourists, comes from Nagpur to Pench to visit and enjoy weekend holiday in this national park. Its nearby airport options are Nagpur airport (120kms) and Jabalpur airport (210kms). Both the airports are having very good flight connectivity. Its nearby railway stations are Nagpur station and Jabalpur station. Both the railway station are very well connected by road, from national park. Further journey from airports or railway stations is possible by cab option. Pench forest is also visited people from its surrounding places like Nagpur (120kms), Nagzira (165kms), Kanha national park (200kms), Jabalpur (210kms), Pachmarhi (260kms), Satpura national park Madhai (300kms) etc.

How to reach Panna National Park

Panna national park is located in Northern region of Madhya Pradesh. Those tourists, who are visiting Khajuraho, can easily visit this scenic tiger reserve, while staying at their hotel in Khajuraho. Its nearby airports are Khajuraho airport (45kms), Gwalior airport (330kms) and Jabalpur airport (240kms). Majority of tourists uses Khajuraho and Jabalpur airports, for visiting this national park. Its nearby railway station options are Khajuraho station (45kms), Satna station (80kms), Jhansi station (275kms), Katni station (130kms), Jabalpur station (240kms). Further journey, from nearby airports and railway stations, is possible by tourist taxi vehicles. We are providing this service. Those who would like to travel by cab only, may travel via its nearby places like Khajuraho, Satna city (80kms), Katni (130kms), Jabalpur (240kms), Bandhavgarh (220kms), Sagar (200kms), Jhansi (210kms), Orchha (190kms), Chanderi (250kms), Sanjay Dubri national park (240kms) etc. It you are wildlife lover then its nearby popular wildlife destinations are Sanjay Dubri tiger reserve and Bandhavgarh national park.

How to reach Sanjay Dubri National Park

It is located on Eastern region of Madhya Pradesh, on Vindhya mountain ranges. It is counted among most scenic national parks of Central India. At present Sanjay Dubri forest is not so popular in terms of tourism but it is rapidly gaining popularity so we can expect it prominently mentioned on wildlife tourism map of India. Nearby airports from Sanjay Dubri national park are Khajuraho airport (260kms), Jabalpur airport (280kms), Prayagraj airport (250kms), Varanasi airport (270kms). Its nearby railway stations are Beohari station (20kms), Satna station (150kms), Rewa station (110kms), Chitrakootdham Karwi station (230kms), Jabalpur station (280kms), Prayagraj station (250kms). Here we can see that airports are not so close to this national park. At the sametime, we have to note that Beohari railway station is having very limited train connectivity. Many long route trains does not have stoppage at this railway station. Apart from trains and flights, many tourists comes, using road connectivity option, from surrounding places like Sidhi town, Rewa city, Bandhavgarh (100kms), Satna city, Chitrakoot, Panna national park (230kms), Amarkantak (250kms), Varanasi etc.

How to reach Tadoba National Park

Tadoba national park lies in Maharashtra state, in southern region of Central India. It is again a popular tiger reserve where large number of tourists comes to enjoy tiger safari and do tiger photography. Its nearby airport is Nagpur airport (180 kms) and very well connected from all major cities of India. Its nearby railway stations are Chandrapur (35kms) and Nagpur station (180kms). Due to limited train stoppage, tourists mainly uses Nagpur railway station for arrival & departure purpose. Many visitors, uses road option for reaching Tadoba national park. They mostly travels from surrounding places like Nagpur, Nagzira Navegaon tiger reserve (185kms), Pench national park (280kms), Melghat tiger reserve (350kms), Kanha national park Khatia gate (370kms), Satpura national park Madhai gate (450kms), Raipur (350kms), Hyderabad (450kms). 

How to reach Nagzira Tiger Reserve

It is popular tiger reserve, in Maharashtra state. Nagzira Navegaon tiger reserve is popular for tigers, leopards, birding, sloth bear, leopards etc. This tiger reserves is also a part of Central India wildlife. Its nearby flight connectivity options are Nagpur airport (140 kms) and Raipur airport (200 kms). Both the airports are having good flight connectivity from major cities of India. Its nearby railway connectivity options are Gondia station (45kms), Nagpur station, Raipur station. Majority of tourists uses Gondia and Nagpur train connectivity option. Here safaris are easily available thus large number of tourists, perfers to use road connectivity option for reaching Nagzira Navegaon tiger reserve. They mostly comes from Nagpur, Raipur, Pench national park (165 kms), Kanha National Park (190kms), Umred Karhandla sanctuary (120kms), Bhilai (165kms) city, Tadoba national park (190 kms), Gondia, Balaghat (100kms) etc.