Malpua of Malwa


Malpua of Madhya Pradesh is a famous sweet dish. It is highly popular in Malwa region of Central India. Its popularity is such that it is served in many other parts of India and neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh etc with some local names. While visiting the Indore city or Ujjain or Maheshwar etc. one should must try this dish at nearby restaurant or hotel. It is a puri-shaped flour-based oily dish with sweet in taste thus have it in limited quantity and enjoy its taste. It can be clubbed with other dishes like Rabri, to get perfect cock-tail of dishes which further enhances the taste and experience. 


Some of the major ingredients of malpua cuisine are refined flour, milk, sugar, salt, saffron,  butter (ghee), cardmom seed, yogurt etc. As per change in place, some variations in ingredients are possible. So we can say that basically it is a flour based fried sweet dish which are ofted offered at homes of Central India, during festival periods.  Its boundary is not religion spedific because it is offered during festivals of different religious festivals thus equally popular among Hindu society and Muslim society which makes its acceptability in all sections of society.