Naming History


Madhya Pradesh

Panna tiger reserve lies in Madhya Pradesh state of India. It is located in northern part of state. This region was ruled by powerful dynasties like Chandela and Bundela rulers thus its name is derived during the rule of these dynasties. Geographically it lies in Bundelkhand region of Central India which covers vast land area covering some part of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh state. Panna forest is spread on a hilly terrain of Vindhya ranges with many scenic waterfalls. In this section we will try to find answer to the question how Panna national park was named. Some of the facts are prominently understood that this forest was given name as Panna because its nearby city called Panna city. Now nameing of Panna town is derived from the rule of Bundelas in this region and this whole region was termed as Panna kingdom which includes the forest area and town area.Maharaja Chhatrasal was one of the powerful ruler of this region. This forest was used as private hunting reserve by the rulers thus in past also it was Panna forest.  Now question arises why the rulers took this name for this region ? We will try to find the possible reasons in next section.

Naming of Panna