Panchvati Ghat


Panchvati ghat in Bhedaghat

Whenever we talk about Bhedaghat then two popular things that first comes into our mind are its white marble rocks valley and traversing the valley by boat. If we study the history of this region, we will notice through British India records that even British officers, posted in Jubbulpore, use to visit this destinaton and do the boatride. Earlier boating point was different called old-ghat or purana-ghat. At present, new boating point has been named as Panchvati ghat or Panchwati ghat. It is a popular sightseeing point for tourists in Bhedaghat village area. For doing boaride in Narmada river, to explore and photograph marble rocks valley, we must visit Panchvati ghat point and undertake our boatride. Here we have to keep in mind that boating season is usually from 16October to 15June. We can do boating in between these dates only. Due to monsoon season, river flow is fast, when passes through marble rock valley thus unsafe for tourists. This is the main reason why boating remain closed in monsoon period.

How to reach Panchvati Ghat

At present Bhedaghat have 2 routes to enter. If we travel through Jabalpur-Bhopal highway, then we will reach Panchvati ghat entry gate first. Here MPT Cafeteria is present for tea-coffee, washroom and lift facility. If we will enter via Lamheta village route, then first will be reach Dhuandhar point then Yogini temple gate and then reach Panchvati ghat gateway. Here we can get down from our car and reach Panchvati ghat by two popular ways. One is through elevator or lift facility which is very useful for senior citizen or physically challenged person. Second way is through stairs about 100 steps (one side).

Importance of Panchvati Ghat

Panchwati ghat at Bhedaghat is used main point for boating. The famous marble rock boating begins and terminates at this point. Here we can find both sharing and non-sharing boating mode. Here two types of boats are available in non-sharing mode. One is for upto 5 person called small boat and another boat is called large boat with seating capacity of 15 person. Here boating fee is decided by Nagar Panchayat department and particular ticket counter is available. Boating is allowed upto Bandar-kudni (monkey leap) point. Here unofficially two modes of boatride is offered by boatmen. One is for 30 minutes duration and second one is for 45 minutes. As per duration, there visitor fee is also varies. It means here we can find 4 types of visitor fee. One division is as per sharing and non-sharing modes and second division is on the basis of travel duration. Both options are available for visitors. Here visitor timing is basically from sunrise to sunset. Night boating is usually unavailable for normal tourists thus while visiting Bhedaghat, don't expect night boating.