Panna Safari Zones


Panna national park safari

Panna tiger reserve is a popular jungle safari destination in Madhya Pradesh. In recent year, after 2018, here tiger sighting was significantly improved and highly promoted which resulted into sudden growth in tourism. Due to nearby location from Khajuraho temples, it is very well suited for Khajuraho tourists also. In order to plan a safari holiday at Panna national park, one should must know the tourism system like what are different entry gates, where more resorts in different categories are located, how far is entry gates from resorts, where more activities are possible etc. Here we have share some useful information about various safari zones and there entrance gates with prominent safari attractions. This will be helpful in taking good decision and good planning.

Panna Safari Zones

In this section we have showcased the Panna safari zones information in tabular way to make it easily understandable. In this table we have shared the names of all tourism safari zones with there category as they fall in core zone forest or buffer zone forest. Further we have shared information on topography or described the type of landscape we will see during safari drive. These landscapes or topography also decided the type of wildlife we can see during safari drives thus it is important information for tourists.

Safari Zone Category Landscape / Topography Safari Attractions
Madla Zone Core Plateau top, grasslands, river banks, relocated village meadows, gorges Tiger, Sloth Bear, Chinkara, Sambar, Nilgai,Crocodiles, Hyena, Vultures, Ken river
Hinouta Zone Core Plains, plateau tops, hilly terrains, grassland, gorges, seasonal waterfalls Tiger, Leopard, Sambar, Nilgai, Sloth Bear, Vultures, Feral cattle, Elephant Camp
Akola Core Core Slightly hilly, meadows area, dense forest Tiger, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Sloth Bear, Leopard
Jinna Buffer Hilly and dense forest Leopard, Hyena, Sloth Bear, Jungle Cat, Rusty Spotted Cat
Akola Buffer More or less plain, not so dense, village sites Tiger, Nilgai, Spotted Deer, Hyena