Satpura Mammals Checklist


SAtpura tiger reserve is spread over Denwa and Tawa river valleys of Satpura range. It is a very beautiful forest spread over Mandla and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh. This scenic forest is dominated with sal trees and offers natural habitat to many mammal species, including some endangered wildlife species. Here we have shared some important information on prominent mammal species which we may encounter during jungle safari drives at this tiger reserve.

Mammals Checklist

Kanha forest is spread over Satpura - Maikal hills. During safari drive we can find varying landscapes which includes some plateau area, ravines, meadows and grassland areas. These mixed landscapes are ideal to accommodate varying mammal species. Thus doing jungle safari in Kanha national park is exciting moments for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. Lets go through our version of mammals checklist to know more about popular safari attractions.

Species Common Name Local Name Scientific Name Popular Sighting Areas Sighting Possibility
Cats Tiger Bagh / Sher Panthera tigris Madhai, Bheemkund, Mallupura Average, need specific tracking
Leopard /Panther Tendua / Gulbagh Panthera pardus Madhai, Parsapani, Jamani Dev Average, suddenly seen
Rusty Spotted Cat Junglee Billi Prionailurus rubiginosus Parsapani, Jamani Dev, Burgodi buffers Seen in night safari
Jungle Cat Junglee Billi Felis chaus Madhai, Parsapani Good in Night safaris
Antelopes, Gazelles Blue Bull Nilgai Boselaphus tragocamelus Bheemkund, Mallupura, Parsapani Easy sighting
Black Buck Kala Hiran Antilope cervicapra Madhai, Parsapani, Jamani Dev Average
Chinkara Chinkara Gazella gazella Parsapani, Jamani Dev, Tamia Good in buffer zones
Four-horned Antelope Chowsingha Tetraceros quadricornis Panaarpani, Madhai, Jamani Dev, Tamia Good
Bovine Indian Gaur Gaur Bos gaurus All core zones High, easily seen
Dogs Indian Grey Wolf Bhediya Canis lupus Difficult to spot Rare 
Indian Wild Dog Dhole/Sone Kutta Cuon alpinus Madhai, Bheemkund Good if specifically tracked
Jackal Gidhar / Siyar Canis aureus Parsapani, Bheemkund, Mallupura Good
Indian Flying Fox Lomdi Pteropus giganetus Madhai, Bheemkund, Panaarpani Average
Deer Sambar Sambar Cervus unicolor All safari zones Easy sighting
Spotted Deer Chital Axis axis All safari zones Easy sighting
Muntjac/Barking Deer Kakar Muntiacus muntjak Madhai, Parsapani, Bheemkund Good 
Hyaena Striped Hyaena Lakar-baggha Hyaena hyaena Parsapani, Burgodi, Jamani Dev Rarely seen
Bears Sloth Bear Bhalu / Reech Melursus ursinus Madhai, Parsapani, Jamani Dev, Burgodi Easily seen
Apes, Monkeys,Lemurs Common Langur Langur Presbytis entellus Seen in all zones Easy sighting
Rehus Macaque Bandar Macaca mulatta Seen in buffer zones Easily seen
Pig Wild Boar Junglee Suar Sus scrofa Madhai, Bheemkund, Mallupura, Parsapani Commonly seen
Civets Small Indian Civet Kasturi Viverricula indica Parsapani, Jamani Dev Seen in night safaris
Common Palm Civet Kasturi Paradoxurus hermaphroditus Parsapani, Jamani Dev Seen in night safaris
Weasels Honey Badger Kabar Bijoo Melivora capensis Parsapani, Jamani Dev Seen in night safaris
Mongoose Ruddy Mongoose Nevla Herpestes smithii Madhai, Bheemkund, Mallupura, Parsapani Occasionally seen
Common Mongoose Nevla Herpestes edwardsi Madhai, Bheemkund, Mallupura, Parsapani Occasionally seen
Pangolins Indian Pangolin Chinti Khor Manis crassicaudata Madhai, Parsapani, Jamani Dev Rare, try in night safaris
Insectivores Indian Tree Shrew Bans Gilahri Anathana ellioti Panaarpani, Pachmarhi, Burgodi Rare sighting
Bats Fulvous Fruit Bat Chamgadar Rousettus leschenaulti Pachmarhi region Rare
Flying Fox Chamgadar Pteropus giganteus Pachmarhi region, Bheemkund, Madhai Seen in late evening hours
Indian Pipistrelle Chamgadar Prpistrellus corom andra Pachmarhi region, Parsapani, Bheemkund Seen in late evening hours
Rodents Three-stripped Squirrel Gilahri Funambulus palmarum Commonly seen in all zones Easy sighting
The Indian Giant Squirrel Badi Gilhari Ratufa indica Bheemkund, Madhai, Parsapahni Easily seen at specific points
Flying Squirrel Udne wali Gilhari Pteromyini Madhai, Bheemkund Rarely seen
Indian Porcupine Sehi Hystrix indica Panaarpani, Parsapani, Madhai, Bheemkund Occasionally seen
Hares Indian Hare / Blacknaped Hare Khargosh Lepus nigricollis Parsapani, Madhai, Jamani Dev, Burgodi Seen in early morning or late evening