Why to visit Bandhavgarh


Visit Bandhavgarh

Bandhavgarh national park is part of Bandhavgarh tiger reserve, lies in eastern part of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most populat tiger safari destination in world thus tourists are visiting this destination from many countries. High tiger density is one the main reason why one should visit Bandhavgarh national park. As already mention tourists are coming to India from many countries. Such visitors have to do lot of things to undertake such trips like one need to do all in advance say 3-6 months in advance, do the estimation of tour, arrange funds for such tour, take leave from there jobs to spare time for such trip etc.. So when tourists are doing so many compromises then it is obvious that they would like to visit such destinations where they have hgh probability to fulfil there tour objectives. When tourists have tiger sighting objective as it can easily be find in Indian tiger reserves, then high density destination with high probability of sighting will be the first choice. Here Bandhavgarh national park emerges as prominent name and thus gives a valid reason to visit this safari park. Apart from this, there are many other reasons to choose Bandhavgarh as your travel destination. Let us find other ressons to visit here. 

Online Safari Permits Booking

Bandhavgarh national park allows online safari permits booking in advance. This provides us clear picture, on which date we will get safari permits for safari zones of our choice and on which dates they are unavailable. Accordingly we can adjust our tour plan. Hence this online safari booking facility is very helpful for tourists.  They can plan in advance and get safari assurance in advance thus it give a valid reason why and when one should visit Bandhavgarh. 

Historical Sites

If you  are looking for safari destinations with historical sites like caves, man-made rock-cut statues, ancient temples etc. then Bandhavgarh national park is ideal safari destination to experience all this along with jungle safari. Due to past human establishments in this forest area, we will find many rock-cut caves, statues, temples, man-made water holes etc. All such things are widely available to see during jeep safari drive at Tala safari zone. In the world, we will find very few sites where human being left space for wildlife thus one should visit Bandhavgarh to experience all this in safari drives.

High Tiger Sighting Probability

If you are looking for a wildlife safari destination where tiger sighting probability is high then Bandhavgarh is right choice. Here one should plan the tour in summers i.e. from Feb end till June month. It is the best period when we get benefits of high tiger density with best tiger sighting experience. High tiger sighting probability is specially beneficial for low budget visitors who undertakes few safaris. This is one of the prominent reason why one should visit Bandhavgarh, especially in summers.

Affordable & best hospitality

It is very nature of popular safari destinations that key players establishes there luxury safari lodges at popular destinations. There investment proves very helpful in development of overall tourism at such destination. Following the same trend, luxury brands like Taj Safaris, Samode hotels, Pugdundee safaris, Tiger Resorts etc established there resorts and lodges in Bandhavgarh national park. Through this they were giving one good reason for luxury hospitality lovers to visit Bandhavgarh for safari holidays. Even when we talk about deluxe, standard and budget categories, we will find 80% of resorts are offering value for money deals with good rooms, neat and clean washrooms, good meal quality. This is result of high competition for hotel business that every resort is struggling hard to main there business share by delivering good service to there guests. Thus good stay assurance also gives one reason to visit and experience Bandhavgarh as your holiday destination.

Easy Accessibility

Bandhavgarh national park is easily accessible by train, flight and road options. Presence of Jabalpur airport (160km), Prayagraj airport (300km), Khajuraho airport (260 km) offers good flight connectivity options, during tour planning. Similarly nearest railway station is just 35 km which make it easy to reach and visit. Further journey from nearby railway station or airport is made easy by us by offering premium tourist cab service which runs on good road condition. Thus overall journey remain smooth for tourists. All this will add good trip experience.

Easy Tour Extension

If you are planning for Bandhavgarh national park trip then you have option to look for good tour extension options. As per varying interests of visitors, Bandhavgarh is surrounded by different nature of tourist destinations like we can find safari destinations, pilgrimage destination, heritage tourism destination etc. Here we can check destinations like Kanha national park, Panna national park, Sanjay Dubri national park, Amarkantak, Khajuraho tourism, Bhedaghat marble rocks site etc. as possible tour extension. Thus it is worth to visit Bandhavgarh and also explore its nearby destination, as per our taste.