Why to visit Khajuraho


Khajuraho temples

Today Khajuraho is know for its artistic temples and presence of erotic sculpture art at outer wall of these temples. This sculpture work makes these temples special. After attaining UNESCO world heritage site status, popularity of this destination increased rapidly and it attracted the attention of tourism world. Its erotic sculpture art work was mainly showcased by promotion agencies which attracted attention of inter-national tourism partners and thus all this contributed into its popularity. Thus we can say that its erotic sculpture art was one of the prominent factor that helped alot in tourism development of this small town. Later government authorities paid due attention in improvement on its connectivity from major cities and tourist destinations so that aspiring tourists can get convenient way to reach the place and enjoy the sightseeing of this destination. All this increased helped in tourism increment in this place. Here we have arranged the information on why to visit Khajuraho. In this section we will try to explain the things like a travel counsellor so that readers will check the information to better understand the ways to see this place and take suitable decision on exploring this popular gem of Bundelkhand region.

Sculpture Art

Khajuraho temples are know for there sculpture art. Here we can find outer walls of these temples are highly artistically carved and decorated by unsung artists, during the rule of Chandela dynasty. First and foremost reason to visit Khajuraho is to witness the deep sculpture work by artists. Here we can find large number of sculpture work done on outer walls of most of the temples.

Heritage Tourism

If you are more interested in heritage buildings and ancient history of such places then Khajuraho is an ideal choice to visit and explore the history of this region. It lies in Bundelkhand region thus region is more rocky and vegetation is not dense. Thus here raw material which is yellow sandstone is easily available on site and thus sculpture art flourished more in this region, in compare to southern Madhya Pradesh where we rarely notice sculpture art in forts or temples. Here subject of sculpture is more inclined towards human pictures which includes soldiers, kings, gods, godess, nymph, concubines and some animals like horse, peacock etc. Thus here artists have to work more maturely to picturize the statues in more realistic way and stress was give on reflection of mood, facial expression, dressing etc. Thus heritage tourism of Khajuraho is much different from what we see in nearby heritage tourism destinations like Gwalior, Agra, Orchha etc. This gives us one more good reason to experience Khajuraho visit.

Chandela Dynasty Era

In our history, certain dynasty made such a work that they are remembered for those historical works like Moughals are remembered for Taj Mahal, Red fort, Scindia dynasty known for Gwalior fort, temples and cenotaphs, Bundela dyansty known for Orchha cenotaphs, palace & forts. Similarly when we talk about Chandela dynasty, although they shifted there capital to Mahoba but they are mainly known for Khajuraho group of temples. These temples are good example to understand the ideology of Chandela rulers, how open or borad minded was the local society, what was the importance of these temples, how temples were the medium to pass social messages, temple construction was the moral duty of ruler and much more.

Panna National Park

If you are wildlife lover and planned to do tiger photography then Panna national park trip will be one of the good choice. It is a popular safari destination with great opportunity to do wildlife photography. Khajuraho is just 30 kms from Panna national park. As Khajuraho temples are listed in UNESCO world heritage site thus Panna tourists have valid reason to do excursion tour of these temples and add one more valuable travel experience in there trip. Here we need not to stay in Khajuraho but from Panna national park resort, we can easily do the excursion tour and wind up all in 3-4 hrs duration.


Those who are interested in photography should must visit Khajuraho temples site to capture the sculptural marvels at Khajuraho. Here Western and Eastern group of temples showcase some amazing sculptural work on different themes thus they offers some great stuff for photographers. If you are heritage sites photographer or wildlife photographers, Khajuraho have solid reason for you to visit this place. Wildlife lovers can stay in Khajuraho and do excursion safari tour of Panna national park thus they can practice both heritage photography and wildlife photography, in same tour.