Why to visit Pench National Park


Pench national park is part of Pench tiger reserve in Central India. It is spread over two states i.e. in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra states. Large number of tourists are visiting this national park for safari holidays and wildlife photography. Due to easy access from Nagpur city, Pench national park is counted among most conveniently located safari destinations of India. Here we can experience the nature tourism, wildlife tourism, rural tourism and tribal culture at same destination. Here we can experience high volume of wildlife tourism with the consistent increase in number of accommodation facility and sell record of safari permits. In this we will try to analyze why one should visit Pench national park and why currently tourists are visiting this national park ? Let's study all the points one by one in below section.

Tiger Safari

Pench tiger reserve is a vast forest area. Presence of dam backwater and Pench river ensures plenty of water to forest areas thus grasslands and vegetation is healthy and suitable for deer species. This forest is known for healthy population of herbivores animals thus ensure a healthy preybase for predator species like tigers, leopards, wild dogs, sloth bears, wolves, jackals etc. Here tiger sighting probability is good thus tourists looking for tiger photography destination can choose this national park for there next trip. Here we can find male tigers, tigress with cubs at different safari zones.

Wildlife Photography

Pench national park forest offers best opportunity for wildlife photography. Here we can find variety of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores species at their natural habitat. There sighting is also frequent which offer lot of opportunities for wildlife photography of mamma and bird species. Some of the commonly seen mammal species includes Indian Gaur, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Spotted Deer, Sambar, Wild Dogs (Dholes), Indian Jackal, Indian Wolves, Four-horned antelope etc.  

Safari Permits Availability

In compare to its nearby tiger safari destinations like Tadoba national park and Kanha national park, Pench national park offers better safari options to visitors. At Tadoba and Kanha national park, we often face problem of safari permits sold out issue and thus sometimes we have to drop the travel plan or compromise with visit to some unpopular safari zones. At Pench national park, its core and buffer safari zones are offering better wildlife experience. Presence of safari zones in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra offer better choice among visitors. Here buffer safari zones like Teliya, Rukhad, Khawasa are also giving good wildlife experience to visitors which adds the safari options for tourists and thus late tour planners also get some good safari solution. All this factors gives some good reason for why to visit or what is so special in Pench national park

Easy Access

Pench national park is just 100kms/ 02:30 hrs from Nagpur city. This ensures fast and most convenient accessibility to this safari destination. It is also one of the important reason to plan for safari holidays in this destination. Easy flight and train connectivity option helps tourists to take favorable decision as this reduces there time wasted on long trave and productive use to holiday duration and it also reduces their travel budget due to fall in taxi transfers cost. These two reasons play important role in giving reason why to prefer Pench national park over other destination ? 

World Class Accommodation

Many safari destinations receives less tourists, despite of good potential just because they don't have good accommodation facility for tourists. Nagzira wildlife sanctuary, Nauradehi wildlife sanctuary are good example of this reason. Presence of luxury lodges like Baghvan safari lodge by Taj Safaris, Pench Tree Lodge, Jamtara Wilderness Camp, Pench Jungle Camp etc are offering world class accommodation facility to guests. This encourages domestic and foreign tourists to visit Pench national park. When tourists is not doing safari drive, he spends his considerable time at his resort and wishes to enjoy the stay. When we have that world class infrastructure, this gives one more valid reason for tourists to visit the destination and Pench national park is giving that reason to people to come and enjoy the appealing hospitality.

The Jungle Book World

They very known fact that Rudyard Kipling's classic The Jungle Book is based on Pench tiger reserve makes tourists curious about this forest. This curiousity given them reason to come and explore this safari destination and try to corelate the forest with the Mogli's stories. On visiting this destination, they can successfully co-relate this forest with The Jungle Book stories. This is one more reason to visit Pench national park and enjoy its locations, safaris, landscapes, village visits, with The Jungle Book in your hand.