About Us

Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.

We (Indus Excursion) is a Government registered firm having membership of Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO), Tour Operators for Tigers (TOFT) and Travel Agents Welfare Association (TAWA). Since more than a decade we are providing high standard travel services to tourists visiting Central India and other wildlife destinations of India like Tadoba national park, Ranthambore etc. Madhya Pradesh is a important state of Central India with enormous scope for tourism covering all types of tourism like heritage tourism, wildlife tourism, cultural tourism, pilgrimage, tribal tourism, rural tourism etc. It is our sincere effort to manifest such aspects of Central India Tourism to rest of the world so that tourists will come and explore Central India tourist places, trace their history, enjoy the holidays and return with sweet memories. We believe that Madhya Pradesh Tourism is having potential for far more growth and thus apart from regular tourist destinations, we are promoting some under-promoted tourist places, sites, spots. Our team is visiting and exploring such places are sharing its vital information with rest of the world so arrange more visitors for such destinations which will also benefit to local people by more job opportunities, business prospects, infrastructural development and overall development of Central India tourism. Here we would like to clarify that it is not an official website of any state government tourism department but of a private travel agency. However our motives are similar i.e. promotion of Central India Tourism to rest of the world and deriving their benefits to local people. Apart from this we are also spreading awareness among local people for their active contribution for conservation activities like wildlife conservation, heritage conservation, cultural conservation etc. We are doing all types of tour planning, hotel bookings, jungle safari bookings, guides booking, sightseeing arrangements etc. We are covering all travel destinations of Madhya Pradesh state and its surrounding tourist destinations, located in adjoining states like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra.