Dynastic Era


Madhya Pradesh palaces

Madhya Pradesh have 4 large cities i.e. Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior and Jabalpur. If we study the history of these cites, we will realize that the main reason behind there development was the dynasties who ruled over these regions and made these cities as epicenter of power and development. Ancient history of Central India reveals that this region was divided into many kingdoms and the history revolves around these ruling dynasties. In current era, we can analyze the glory of these dynasties through the monuments and heritage buildings erected during the peak time of these dynasties. In Madhya Pradesh, we can find many such dynastic places where history is well preserved for study and photography.

Dynasties in Madhya Pradesh

Today Madhya Pradesh is collection of regions which were ruled by different dynasties and there mark of ruling are still visible in the form of monuments, buildings and notes. For those who are interested in history should must try to visit those sites to understand the ruling era of those ruling dynasties and how was the life in those era. In addition to this, by looking at the historical points in those places, we can imagine about the glory of these dynasties and also study the political situation of that era. Here we have tried to prepare a list of such destinations and what is so special for visitors, in these places.

Destination Dynasty What to see Best time to visit
Gwalior Scindia Dynasty Fort, palace, temples, rock-cut statues October to March
Orchha Bundela Dynasty Fort, palaces, cenotaphs, temples, river rafting  October to March
Bhopal Begums Rule Palaces, mosques, museums, lakes, temples October to April
Indore Holkar Dynasty Cenotaphs, palace, museum, eateries, temples October to March
Jabalpur Gond Dynasty Fort, temples, river banks, marble rocks September to April
Rewa Baghel Dynasty Palace, museums October to March
Mandu Parmara & Sultanate Palaces, water-wells, temples, baobab trees, mosques, tombs August to March
Maheshwar Holkar Fort, temples, river bank September to March